Wilford Hill St Paul


The church site 1960-66 The church site 1966-75 The church site 1975-88 The church site 1988-present

The church was built in several phases:

A dual-purpose brick hall dedicated on 1 July 1960 (architect: Nat Lane).

A second hall built on the south side of the original one dedicated on 11 November 1966 (architects: Leslie Nunn and Godfrey Shipp).

Original square-shaped 'Sanctuary' dedicated 5 March 1975 (architect: John Severn).

The 'Sanctuary' re-built, extended (by adding four large bays), connected to the earlier halls and an entrance foyer added in 1988.

The parish church centre now comprises a large nave and sanctuary (in 'The Sanctuary'), entrance foyer, office, toilets and two halls.