Attenborough St Mary

Features and Fittings


13th century panelled octagonal stone set on perpendicular pillar base.

Font cover

Oak, in memory of Catherine Charlton Day (1905-1952).

Bench end

14th century flanking South door of chancel.

Choir stalls

Jacobean carved panels incorporated into modern choir stalls.

Panel depicting a merman and sea creature One showing a merboy charming a sea serpent A merman with two sea creatures Panel depicting a mermaid

High Altar

The atlar top is Elizabethan (Truman) or 17th century (Tregenzer)


Installed 1928, carved wood.

Oak panelling

In Chancel, Organ case, Altar rail and two Priest’s stalls, 1928 all hand-carved by Bridgeman of Lichfield in memory of Josiah Brown and his wife Elizabeth. Oldred Scott is mentioned by Truman as responsible for some work in the Chancel.


Carved lime and oak, (dedicated 1966/7) given by Robert Beake and Mrs Janet Murphy in memory of John Beake (1888-1963).


Carved wooden angel, given by Tom and Amy Danks Preston (1935).

Pews in Nave

Installed 1957.

Book Stand

In memory of Charles Eric Mason, Churchwarden, 1906-1982.

South door

In memory of Noel Gervis Pearson 1884-1958.


Piscina in the south wall of the chancel Small simple piscina in south aisle of nave

Coats of Arms

The Powtrell coat of arms
at the east end
The Warren coat of arms, associated with
Admiral Sir John Borlace Warren

Pillar capitals


Lost Fittings and Adornments

Rood Screen

Removed to Chilwell Manor at time of Reformation, finally perished in 1968.

Stone Images

Removed from angel carved corbels either side of altar.

“Angel” corbels to the sides of the altar

Wall Painting

“Death and The Grave”, situated West end of South aisle white washed over in 1840