Cromwell St Giles


The organ Dedication plaque
on the orgn

The organ was installed at the time of the restoration in 1873. It was built by Mr Cuthbert of Hull and cost £56. It is a single manual organ with bass pedals.


Original stops

Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f''' Keys 54
  Open Diapason
  Stopped Diapason Bass
  Stopped Diapason Treble
  Wald Flute
Added in 1875 (given by Henry Fiennes-Clinton)
  Open diapason bass
Key action Stop action Compass-low G Compass-high d1 Keys 20

Taylor electric blower (installed in 1960)

The organ was restored in 1988 by the generosity of Mr and Mrs Bemment in memory of their son, Christopher.