Cromwell St Giles


Much of the material used for this entry has been derived from Guy Hemingway’s excellent typescript account A History of Cromwell Village and Church,1972, revised 1976, with further notes 1982. Copies of the different versions can be found in Nottinghamshire Archives, Newark Public Library, and University of Nottingham, Local History Library, as well as in other collections. Hemingway also issued A Short History of Cromwell Village & Church in 1985 (Newark Public Library, L90.2). An engineer by profession, but a life-long, prodigiously active, careful local historian, citing his sources with accuracy and precision, he lived in retirement at his family home The Old Rectory, Cromwell, served as churchwarden from 1967, and died aged 86 in 1986. He left, among much else, a remarkable legacy of local studies of Cromwell and surrounding villages. He drew his material mostly from standard printed sources, with occasional forays into manuscript material in Nottinghamshire Archives and elsewhere, most notably at York. Among sources used to supplement Hemingway, the following can be noted:

Manuscript sources

Cromwell, St Giles

Enclosure award 1773, modern typed copy

Register of Banns, 1823-1994

Registers of Services 1913-16; 1917-20; 1957-78; 1979-1998

Report of Taylors of Loughborough on Bells, typescript 2011

Typescript notes from Parish Register by Hemingway (126pp), with details

from bishops’ transcripts, 1626-41, and from surviving registers from


London, British Library

Add MS, 44777, ff15-22 (Duke of Newcastle writing to Gladstone, October 1832), details kindly supplied by Dr Richard Gaunt

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Archives

DD 656 Photocopies of Sheffield Libraries, Copley Deeds, including CD 393 (Ralph de Cromwell. 1398), 398 (William Tattershall, 1404), 426 and 427 (dispute with Norwell, 1516)

DD 4P.39/1, will of Sir William Holles, 1542

DD E 24/1 and DD WM 34/7, sale of Newcastle estate in Cromwell 1913

Notes of Charles Fynes, 1792-1809, edited in Hemingway (1976), pp. 181-4

PR 7512, Notes of Henry Fiennes-Clinton, 1872-1907 (edited in Hemingway (1976), pp. 142-65)

PR 1781-4, 7512-14, Parish Registers (also available in Microfiche at Newark Public Library)

PR 7516, Vestry Meeting minutes 1859-1941

Nottingham, University of Nottingham, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

Archdeaconry of Nottingham Records 1556-1942

AN/M269, 178 Duplicate of books, vestments and vessels 28 Oct. 1731

AN/M269, 403 Inventory of books etc. 3 June 1736

York, Borthwick Institute

Archbishop William Zouche’s register

Printed sources

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Secondary sources

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White’s Directory 1864