Dunham on Trent St Oswald

Features and Fittings


High altar

Altar Reredos

A wooden table, carved with three panels geometric and foliate ornament to sides and intersected cross in centre. 19th century.


Pedimented rectangle with elaborate tiled decoration on marble, with blue background tiles and two foliate and geometrical patterned squares to either side of a large gold cross. Probably 1862.

Sedile and Piscina

Piscina and Sedile

These form a group to the south of the altar and reredos. Stone with arched trefoil piscina, crocketed decoration above. Sedile to west, single recess with carved, decorated arch above, lined with a curtain and red cushion. 1862.

Candle holder

Projecting to the west of the sedile is a pierced, circular, metal candle holder on a moulded metal bracket.


Adjacent to the piscina is a small, wooden prie-dieu, very plain and without ornament. Date unknown but probably 20th century.

Nave and north aisle


Pews on the north
side of the nave

Simple pitch-pine, moulded, square ends, with kneeler boards. All 19th century.


Wooden, four moulded shafts with barley-sugar twist and splayed base legs anchored to stone plinth. Angled reading desk top set on moulded brackets. Probably 19th century.


Pulpit and reading
Rear of the
pulpit and the
reading desk

Stone with steps rising from base of the chancel arch. Moulded, foliate decoration and quatrefoil front piece containing foliate moulding and the text 'Preach The Word' painted in red and gold. 19th century.

Reading desk

Set below the pulpit, timber, carved frontal with quatrefoil moulded base, recessed, moulded centrepiece, and vine decoration above. Carved sides. Probably 19th century.


Between nave and tower, below tower arch. High with upper rail and finials, gothic trefoil arched decoration below and curtain. Doors may be later insertions. Glass panels above to fill tower arch.


Between north aisle and vestry space at west end of the aisle. Gothic arched open screen with curtains behind and plain panelling below. 19th or 20th century.


Chancel arch

Painted above the chancel arch in gold, red, and black is a text that reads: 'Blessed are they that dwell in thy house They will be always praising thee'.



Font Rear of the west
door showing
painted text

The font is located towards the screen on the south side of the tower. It is octagonal with recessed, carved detail, part foliate, but with the panel facing north-west being composed of inset blue and white decoration forming the symbol IHS and with four white crowns surrounding in the angles. There is text around the basin in red 'One God, one faith, one baptism' (taken from Ephesians 4, verse 5). The lid is wooden capped an ornate wrought iron finial with sexfoils terminating in a crown. 19th century, probably 1862.

In the base of tower are two plain wooden benches of uncertain date.

Above the west door is a painted text that reads 'Are your minds set upon Righteousness O ye Congregation?'