St Mary

Monuments and Memorials

List of the Monuments around the Church

Rigley Memorial

Free standing, built in stone in a niche out from the north aisle (where the north door would have been) in memory of the Ward and Rigley families of 1798 – 1857.

The Rigley Memorial

James Ward, Gent, died March 3rd 1798 aged 85

also Mary, his wife, died April 22nd 1788, aged 71

Hannah, widow of Joseph Rigley, Gent
and daughter of James and Mary Ward,
died July 28th 1836, aged 77

also Mariamne
daughter of Joseph and Hannah Ridley,
died May 31st 1831, aged 48

also Joseph James Ward Rigley
only son of Joseph and Hannah Rigley
died Nov. 17th 1857, aged 63.

Money was left for the upkeep of this memorial when the remaining family emigrated to Australia.


In Marble on the West wall, (and on the floor), a memorial to several members of the family of Revd Edward Bristowe, Vicar 1768-1771, his brothers, Major Thomas Bristowe d. May 13th 1762, aged 38, and John Bristowe Esq. and Bridget, his wife, and daughter Harriott, wife of William Bristowe of London.


Marble, on the north wall of the north aisle, written in Latin, a long memorial poem to William Carter, vicar of this church by his father G.Carter.


Marble (restored after a fall) on the north wall in the kitchen area of the n. aisle, The Revd. John Gordon M. A., Vicar of this parish died May 7th 1843 aged 49.

George Morley

Brass on east wall of nave. Beloved husband of Janet 3rd Aug. 1907 - 16th Feb. 1984

The Hon Savile Henry Lumley

Marble, to the sixth son of Richard, fourth Earl of Scarborough. Died Nov. 14th 1846 aged 79; also Mary Henrietta, his wife died July 5th 1869 aged 82. On the north wall of the Chancel.

Katherine Tahourdin

Marble, on the north wall of the Chancel, fourth daughter of Henry Tahourdin Esq. of Sydenham, Kent, born March 1785, died Sept. 8th 1855.

John Gatward

Brass on north wall of sanctuary. The doors of the three aumbries in memory of a chorister & crucifer. Nov 9th 1904 – 10th July 1962.


Brass beneath window to Louise Blanche wife of Cecil George Savile Foljambe of Cocklode, d. of Frederick J. Howard & Lady Fanny, d. 7th Oct. 1871 age 29, and of Frederick Compton S. Foljambe her second son b.20th Aug. d.21st Aug 1871. Both laid to rest at Scofton, Notts.

Julia Alexander

East wall of south aisle, wife of Robert Alexander, late of Somerhill, Co. of Kent, daughter of W.Fane by Louisa Hay Dashwood. Born 21 July 1826, died 3 Jan. 1903. Laid to rest in Tonbridge cemetery.


Brass on south wall placed beneath the window. To mother, Frances Ibotson died March 29th 1900.

William Villa Real

Marble set on black stone with putti on south wall of the south aisle. In memory of William Villa Real Esq. d. Nov. 27th 1759 aged 30. He was one of a family of Portuguese Jews who married into a Mansfield family and bought land in Edwinstowe.


Brass on south wall placed beneath the window. To parents, brothers and sisters by Elizabeth Millns.


Marble set on black stone on the south wall. To John Oakes M.D. d. Nov. 17th 1822 aged 82, also Mary, his wife, d. June 20th 1804 aged 76.

William Curtis

Brass on south wall placed beneath the window. To William Joseph Curtis 23 years Master of Edwinstowe school b. 6th Sept. 1857 d. April 29th 1902.

John Cleaver

Stone on the west wall of the south aisle to John Cleaver of Carburton, died Oct. 25th 1779 aged 68, also Jane his wife, died Sept. 2nd 1803 aged 84.

Frank C Day Lewis

Brass on Altar rail in Lady Chapel. Vicar 1918 –1938.

List of Memorial Stones in the floor

as recorded in 1891 by George Marshall

John Gosling 1664
Thomas Fox 1674
Mary ( poss. Fox)1671
Elizabeth Monk 1790
William Gosling of Clipstone
Edmund Gosling 1711 & son William 1714
Edmund Gosling 1716
William Gosling 1721 wife. Mary 1746
John Crump & Charles Finch Crump, children of Thomas Crump, 1736
The Revd John Gordon 1843
  Sarah Gordon his wife 1850
Margaret, wife of William Heays, 1670
Em… Carter wife of Revd W. Carter
Revd William Carter, sen. 1739
Faith, wife Robert Bracey, Rufford 1673
Robert Bracey of Rufford 1672
Revd Thomas Hurst 1786 and Mary 1785
Esther Garington w. of Walter 1711
Walter Garrington 1712
Grace Bracye 1661
In the porch:  
Children, daughters of Samuel & Ann Roberts, 1738. Ann died 1738   Ann Taylor 1692