St Peter

Monuments and Memorials

Briscoe noted:

It is well known that several cross-legged monuments were in Flawford church down to the time of its demolition about a century ago, when its materials were removed for various purposes in the neighbouring villages.

In 1881 he recorded that only 13 headstones remained, ‘mostly recent and mutilated’, and the foundation of church remained ‘and spots where steeple body and chancel stood may be easily traced’.

An extract from a letter written some years before 1881 reads: ‘Flawford church was the most celebrated and spacious structure of its kind in the county with 3 or 4 exceptions. I have been several times in the church to see some ancient monuments.’

The Stone Man

Rumoured to be an effigy of the founder of Flawford chantry.

Other Items

The following fragments were discovered at the excavation:

Remains from the South Aisle of the effigy of a female. Probably from the tomb of Matilda de Malquinci

The centre of a stone cross

A Norman spiral decoration

A crude carving of an animal’s head, probably Saxon