Hucknall St Mary Magdalene


Inside the bell chamber

Tradition has it that Sir John Byron of Newstead Abbey presented Hucknall church with a bell, believed to be the Angelus Bell from Newstead. The bell still hangs in the tower, although it is not a part of the current 8-bell ring.

His great-grandson, Sir John Byron, donated another bell in 1639 to mark the centenary of the Reformation. A third bell was added in 1749.

A new ring of 8 bells was commissioned from John Taylor of Loughborough in 1958. The 1639 and 1749 bells were melted down and their metal was used towards the founding of the new ring.

  Weight Note Inscription
Treble 4-0-22 F#  
2nd 4-1-14 E#  
3rd 4-3-16 D#  
4th 5-2-0 C#  
5th 6-2-8 B God Save The Church 1639
6th 7-1-6 A# Theophilus Allcock Church Warden 1749
7th 9-1-12 G# God Save The Church And The Schools 1958 
Kenneth G Thompson, Vicar
Tenor 12-2-16 F# To The Glory Of God. 
In Memory Of Henry Morley Raynor, 1885-1951
Angelus - C# Ave Maria