Hucknall St Peter

Features and Fittings

Rood screen Church interior decorated
for Harvest Festival

A rood screen, almost certainly of wood, formerly separated the nave from the chancel. It comprised a light triple arcade either side of a central gable which was surmounted by a small cross.

The words 'Where hast thou' are visible on the north side of the rood beam in a photograph showing the church interior decorated for Harvest Festival; the whole verse probably read 'Where hast thou gleaned today?' (Ruth 2:19) as this is the only match in the King James Version Bible.

Pictures were formerly hung on the north and south walls of the nave; the subjects are unknown.

There were no pews but rows of wooden chairs.

There was formerly a statue of St Peter, relocated to St Mathias' church in Sneinton in 1962 (see also Hucknall St Peter & St Paul).