Kilvington St Mary


Grave marker to
John Barnard

The churchyard is roughly circular in shape but truncated by a road on the south side; all of the graves are in the area to the south side of the church. It is still used as a burial ground.

There is a paved path running from the porch to the main churchyard entrance to the south. There is an additional gate to the east leading towards the rectory.

The oldest gravestones are to the east of the path and to the east of the chancel. There are two covered tombs to the east of the chancel.

John Throsby in the 1790s recorded the following inscription on a tomb in the churchyard:

Sacred to the memory of the Rev. George Cooper, L.L.B. late Rector of this parish; whose conjugal affection, filial piety, and social virtues, made his loss inconsolable to his family. He departed this life the tenth day of January, 1767, in the 50th year of his age