St George


The churchyard contains no burials. However, between the church and road there is an establish area of lawn with trees and shrubs around the border. A pedestrian pathway constructed with diamond patterned blue paving bricks lead from the street to the church steps.

The original site measured about one acre and was given by the Earl of Carnarvon. In past times the vicarage stood adjacent to the church, with large gardens to the rear. Part of the rear garden was used as a tennis court, and an Institute building for the local community was built on the Forester Street frontage. Both have now gone. A new vicarage has been built at the rear of the church, and a Health Centre fronting Forester Street. The site of the original vicarage has been sold and now accommodates the new St George’s Centre (2004) which is used for a variety of community purposes. The site is still enclosed by a brick wall, paid for by the Earl of Carnarvon, now somewhat reduced in height from its former dimensions.

The old vicarage (now demolished) to the west of the church Showing the position of the new St George’s Centre The St George’s Centre from the street