Ordsall All Hallows

List of Incumbents

A large part of the manor of Ordsall with the advowson of the church, belonged to the Hercy family of Grove. The advowson passed through the family until it was eventually sold by Thomas Cornwallis to Lady Whortley. It was then sold in 1907 to S.W. Stott, the then Rector. His widow sold the advowson to the Parochial Church Council of Ordsall, who gave it to the Bishop of Southwell. This exchange was confirmed by Order in Council on 21st February 1935.




1276 27th Dec

Willam de Bliburg

Entry in calendar of Patent Rolls Dec 27th 1276. 'Presentation of William de Bligurgh to the church of Ordeshal in the diocese of York, in the king’s gift by reason of his custody of the land and heir of Hugh de Hercy, tenant in chief.'

1301 12th Jul

Thomas de Burton

Admitted patron Sir Hugh de Hercy. Patent Rolls entry of July 17th 1313 'Protection for one year, for Thomas de Burton, parson of the church of Ordeshale.'

1314 24th Feb

Acard de Longo Prato

By exchange of rector of Newchurch Kent with T de Burton. Patent Rolls entry 26th August 1314 'Protection, without clause, for one year, for Acard de Long Preez, parson of the church of Ordeshale.'

1322 10th Nov

Laurence de Hercy

Clerk, vacant patron as above. He was a member of the Hercy family who were Patrons and lived at Grove Hall

1364 10th May

Thomas de Ordesale

Chaplain, on resignation of L Hercy. Possibly also acting as Chaplain of Headon as is mentioned as being there in the will of Sir John de Bolinbroke.

1373 23rd Jan

Thomas Bacheragh

Canon of Lure (France) Patron Crown. Patent Rolls entry Jan 23rd 1374 'Presentation of John Bacheragh, canon of Lure (de Kutra), of the Premonstratensian order, to the church of Ordesale, in the disocese of York, in the king’s gift by reason of the voidance of the archbishopric of York'

1375 27th Apr

John de Sandall

Absent for 3 years. Rector Wispington Lincs., 1379 – 1380

1410 20th Jun

William Burgh

Prebendary, on the death of J de Burton. Rector of Babworth

1415 15th Jun

Robert Cave

Prebendary, on death of W Burgh. Vicar of E Retford. He died a year after institution

1416 20th Jun

Reginald de Tylne

Prebendary, also died a year after institution.

1417 22nd Jun

John Marton

Prebendary, on death of R. de Cave

1418 2nd Dec

Robert Conynge

By exchange of rector of Grayingham, Lincs with J de Martin

1424 26th July

Adam Louthe

Priest, by exchange of rector of Blyborough, Lincs with R. Conynge. In his will he left 4/6d to the Fabric of the Church tower.

1428 - 1441

Robert Smyth

Prebendary. Resigned 1441

1441 5th Dec

John Hardfisshe

Chaplain, on resignation of Robert Smyth. Patron Hugh Hercy

Master Robert Thorneton

Resignation 8th July 1451

1451 2nd Sept

Robert Dynnyngton

Priest, on resignation of R Thorneton. Patron Hugh Hercy. Probably vicar of Clarborough. Left money in his will to be buried in the chancel of All Saints church Ordsall.

1483 29th Sept

Master Ralph Stanhope

On death of R Donyngton. Patron Humphrey Hercy. First rector mentioned to have a University degree

1485 14th Mar

William Roce

By exchange of rector, of Salle, Norfolk with R Stanhope. Patron Humphrey Hercy. Another vicar with only one year tenure. He also desired to be buried in Ordsall church. The surname Roce is another spelling of Rose or Roos, originally a great Norman family of Laxton

1487 9th Jul

Gregory Waren

Chaplain, on death of W Roce. Patron Thomas Knyght and twelve other feoffees of Hugh Hercy

1506 20th Aug

John Helwys

Priest, on death of G Waryn. Patron Humphrey Hercy. He obtained a B.A. degree at Cambridge. He was also the vicar of East Retford. He is buried at East Retford.

1512 31st Jan

Master Robert Nevile

On death of J Helwishe. Patron Humphrey Hercy. Graduate of Cambridge. He had previously been Rector at Grove. He was a Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge and later Provost Of Jesus College, Rotherham. He was also Vicar of Almondbury, Yorkshire and Prebendary of Bilton at York, Prebendary of Lichfield and possibly Canon of Salisbury and later Canterbury.

1550 2nd Jun

William Denman

On death of R Neville. Patron Sir John Hercy. He was related to the Hercy family as his mother was the sister of Sir John Hercy of Grove. He graduated from Cambridge and was made Fellow of his college in 1549. Deprived of his living by order of Queen Mary for three years in 1556, the reason given was that he was married. After the accession of Elizabeth a Visitation of the Northern Province was held at Blyth Church on August 26th and 28th 1559 and William was restored to his living. He was buried at Ordsall in 1587. Unfortunately a monument to his memory that bore a Latin inscription (fully listed in Thoroton) disappeared sometime in the 18th Century.

1556 16th Jan

Robert Blundeston

On deprivation of W Denman. Patron Sir John Hercy. He covered the three years during which Denman was deprived but was removed on Denman’s re-instatement.

1559 19th Sept

William Denman

Reinstated as rector. Patron of West Retford

1588 4th Apr

Francis Nevill

On death of W Denman. Patron John Nevill of Grove and Henry Nevill of Ragnall. Rector of Grove. 1579 – 1611 and wished to be buried there according to his will dated 24th January 1606.

1589 12th May

Stephen Coe

On death of F Nevill. Patron George Mackworth. Buried at Ordsall. There are several plaques in the church to the Coe family.

1614 20th Sept

Edmund Mason

Vacant, Crown by lapse. Held several posts including Newark, Cottenham, Cambs, Dean of Salisbury chaplain to the King. He is buried in the North Transept, Westminster Abbey.

1631 3rd Mar

Marmaduke Moore

On resignation of E Mason. Patron Lyon Faulkner of Uppingham. He and his wife Jane Moore had ten children baptised at Ordsall. He was a Royalist under Charles 1, and on 18th November 1652 all his estates were forfeited for treason. He was buried at Ordsall in 1652. There are various reports that he was deprived of his living for 'damnable sin of playing cards with his wife'. The story cannot be proved. It was reported in Walker’s 'Sufferings of the Clergy,' but only the name 'Moore, D.D.' was given – no Christian name or Parish. It is not known that Marmaduke was ever a D.D. The estates of those who were fined for treason were restored to them at the Restoration of Charles 11, but it isn’t known what happened to the Rector’s family.

1652 17th Mar

William Houghton

Patron Edward Wortley. Appointed in Cromwell’s time and a schoolmaster. He was a benefactor of King Edward V1 Grammar school in the town. He left land in the parish, the rents from which should benefit the school. He desired to be buried on the south side of the Communion Table in the church.

1673 22nd Oct

Edward Raines

On death of W Houghton. Patron Anne Wortley. He didn’t record burials in the register for 16 years from 1679. A record states 'Here the Minister being ill, the Register was neglected until his death'.

1695 9th Oct

John Pigot

On death of E Raynes. Patron Sydney Wortley. His daughter Catherine married Joseph Hall (the window on the north side of the chancel was given by their descendant.) His son Robert acted as his curate. There is a brass plaque to his memory on the south wall.

1727 2nd Oct

George Mason

On death of J Pigot. Patron John Barker of E Retford. Married to Elizabeth, daughter of John Pigot. His mother was one of the daughters of Stephen Coe, the grandson of a former vicar of Ordsall. His ancestors were the Mason’s of Moreton Hall.

1743 9th Apr

Thomas Cockshutt

On death of G Mason. Patron Hon. Edward Wortley. In 1743 he answered to the Archbishop of York that the duty at Ordsall was performed by Mr Heald of Babworth, until he could get a proper curate. He allowed the curate £30 a year for a service once a Sunday and Communion 5 times a year. It is thought that he never performed any duties at Ordsall. Following several other appointments, in 1710 he became Vicar- General of the Southwell College of Canons, and had jurisdiction over 28 churches.

1774 30th Sept

Joseph Stott

On death of T Cockshutt. Patron Edward Woodcock. Again absent from the Parish. Parish duties were performed by Rev. Joshua Flint, Vicar of Clarborough.

1812 6th Jul

Francis Foxlow

On death of J Stott. Patron John Bright. He was also the Rector of Elmton where he lived, whilst Ordsall again was served by curates. A rectory was built near to the church but he never lived there.

1842 9th Mar

Thomas King

On death of F Foxlowe. Patron Lord Wharncliffe. His father-in-law Rev. S. Corbet had refused the living, the living was then offered to King. He had a small farm and was a familiar figure in the village, having a wooden leg. He is buried on the north side of the church.

1873 5th Sept

Samuel Kelson Stothert

On death of T King. Patron Lord Wharncliffe. He was a Royal Naval Chaplain 1853-1870 – H.M.S. 'Queen'. He served in the Crimean War, and saw the Charge of the Light Brigade. He was awarded the Crimean, Turkish and Baltic Medals. He wrote a series of letters from the Crimea, which were published in a book, called 'From the Fleet in the Fifties'. He suffered health problems through his Crimea experience. He was the founder and first incumbent of St. Andrew’s Constantinople. He was the incumbent of Ordsall during the 1877 restoration of the church and services were held at Thrumpton school for a year. He died on 14th June 1896 and is buried at Ordsall.

1896 2nd Nov

Samuel Walter Stott

On death of S.K. Stothert. Patron Earl of Wharncliffe. He added several rooms to the rectory and enlarged the garden His interests included music, photography and gardening. Oversaw the initial building of St Alban’s within the parish. Visited Egypt for his health, but contracted typhoid fever on his return. He died in 1907 and is buried in the churchyard. The clock at Ordsall and the Reredos at St Alban’s were given in his memory.

1908 2nd Nov

Robert Dennis Foster

On death of S Stott. Patron Elizabeth Stott. Curate at Ordsall 1900 – 1908. Master at King Edward V1 Grammar school, Retford 1893-1902.

Married Helen daughter of S.W. Stott. They lived at Holly Mount, next to St Alban’s church throughout his period at Ordsall. The old rectory was let for a few years and then sold in 1920.

1923 6th Feb

Montague Clifford James

On resignation of R.D. Foster. Patron E. Stott. He had been a Major in the Indian Army. He was married and had nine children. He built the new rectory in 1924. Retired to Rye.

1925 June

Reginald Felix Wilkinson

On resignation of M.C. James. Patron E Stott. Canon at Southwell 1940 – 1961. President of Thoroton Society. He wrote and published a comprehensive history of All Hallows

1941 4th Jan

John Alexander Ramsbotham

On resignation of R.F. Wilkinson. Patron Bishop of Southwell. He became Bishop of Jarrow.

1943 2nd Jan

Reginald Foskett

On cessation Of J.A. Ramsbotham. Patron Bishop of Southwell. He became Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral Edinburgh.

1948 14th Apr

Cecil Henry Barrett Watson

On cessation of R. Foskett. Patron Bishop of Southwell. Came from West Bridgford.


William Alfred Williams

On cessation of C.H.B. Watson. Patron Bishop of Southwell. Retired 31st Aug 1975.

1976 27th Feb

Philip Ronald Allin

Following interegnum. He had been curate of Sutton in Ashfield and was also Priest in charge of Grove. Became the rector at Ordsall from 1976 to 1980.Moved 31st Dec 1980 and became vicar at Mansfield, St Mark’s from 1981 to 1983. From there he became Team Rector in Oxfordshire, late moving to Sheffield. He retired from the ministry in 2003. He has since taken up roles in Pastoral Care and Spiritual Direction in Sheffield and latterly in Durham.

1981 1st May

John Marshall

Having a background in tutoring and having been Vicar Choral at Southwell Minster he became the rector of Ordsall from 1981 to !988. He was also Priest in charge of Grove and was Rural Dean of Retford between 1984 and 1988. He moved on to Wakefield and then on to Gloucester. He retired in 2009.

1988 17th Nov

Anthony Evans

Had been at St Georges Nottingham, Worksop Priory and St Cyprian Nottingham. He became rector of Ordsall from 1988 to 1995. He moved on to be priest in charge at St Mary Sutton in Ashfield. He was also Area Dean at Newstead. Honorary Canon at Southwell Minster from 2004.

1996 29th May

Paul Bagshaw

Became priest in charge of Ordsall from 1996 having been in Sheffield as Curate at Handsworth Woodhouse, then a non-stipendiary minister and then again curate. He left Ordsall in 2008.


Sue Caddy

Curate at St Mary Sutton in Ashfield before becoming priest in charge of Shelton and Oxon, Lichfield. She has been team Vicar with responsibility for Ordsall since 2010.

A curate of note was Francis Orpen Morris who was a famous authority on British birds. He was curate in charge in the absence of the Rev. Francis Foxlowe. He was appointed in 1831. He lived at the rectory and was responsible for the planting of many of the beech trees. During his lifetime he wrote several books including 'A history of British Birds', 'A history of British butterflies', 'The Natural history of British moths' others on the natural history on the nests and eggs of British birds and also regarding the Articles of the Darwin faith. He moved to Yorkshire and died in 1893.