St Peter


According to Thoroton, writing in 1677, Attenborough church 'serves for Chillewelle, and Toueton, and part of Bramcote. Half of it was in the Conquerors time with Chillewelle, of the see of Ralph Fitz-Hubart, and shortly after at or near the foundation of the priory of Lenton, given to that monastery by Odo de Boney, and afterwards confirmed by his successour Edward, and Aeliz his wife, as in Boney and Barton is shown. The other half with Touton, was of Peverells fee, and came to the Lords of Codenour in Derbyshire.'

Toton was listed in Domesday Book under the land of William of Peverel. Haldane had 3 carucates of taxable land for 3½ ploughs and Warner had three ploughs. There were 4 freemen, 16 villagers and 3 smallholders, who had 6 ploughs.

From 1839 the land was held by The Trustees of the Dame Caroline Warren Educational Foundation, who built a school which existed until about 1933 (when it was replaced by Chetwynd Road school). It then fell into disrepair and in about 1948 the land and buildings were handed over to the Diocese, who then 'sold' it to Attenborough PCC so that a place of worship could be built. For several years after the war the then-derelict buildings were let to a local builder.

St Peter’s, Toton, was built in 1954 as a daughter church of St Mary’s, Attenborough, to serve the newly developed estate known today as Toton. The architect was Vernon Royle, and the church was dedicated and licensed by Bishop, Dr Russell Barry on 16 September 1954. In 1958 Toton’s first full time resident curate was appointed, Rev Jack Pickworth-Hutchinson, who had been ordained deacon on retiring from local government.

The church was always considered to be a hall, and had large blue folding doors which closed off the sanctuary at the east end when it was not in use. The sanctuary had three square windows high in the wall, which were subsequently replaced.

In 1987 St Peter’s, Toton and Toton Methodist Church pledged to work together in a Covenant relationship. This involved the churches sharing a number of activities, including some Sunday services. The joint covenant was reaffirmed in 1999 and 2008.

In the mid-1980s it was realised that the limited onsite facilities were a hindrance to the work of the church, so a building project was launched to extend the church and provide additional rooms for other activities.

The work was undertaken in two Phases, Phase 1 was completed in February 1990, consisting of a two storey extension to the rear including a large kitchen, lounge area, crèche and meeting rooms. Phase 2 consisted of widening the church to the north and south and turning the church 90 degrees moving the sanctuary to the north side. The work was completed in November 1994 and the building was dedicated by Bishop Patrick Harris in the December 1994. The architect was Fred Drabble and the builders were S & M Builders of Long Eaton.

The church was extended widthways in 1994, to accommodate 300 people. The Nottingham Herald and Post reported that a congregation of 250 regularly attended St Peter’s although the church only had seating for 150 people. This extension was also overseen by architect Fred Drabble. It cost £142,000 and most of the funds were raised by parishioners of St Peter’s, as well as members of Toton Methodists and St Mary’s, Attenborough. The remainder came from charities and grants. The newly extended worship centre was dedicated in 1995.

St Peter’s was originally part of a large parish including Attenborough, Bramcote and Chilwell, but with time and population growth the larger parts became parishes in their own right and Toton became the daughter church to Attenborough. In 2001 it became a separate, independent parish.