Warsop Spion Kop Mission Church


Address plaque

The land on which the Mission was built was previously owned by a local farmer, a Mr. Eastwood. His brother was a builder who erected most of the original houses on George Street, and it is suggested that he may have supplied some of the building materials. Whilst the building still stands it is not easily recognised as a former church. It sits with its gabled west end close to the pavement, with structural modifications that disguise its provenance. Its red brick structure remains, but the roof is covered with modern clay tiles; none of the original external windows and doors now exist; and a modern plastic window and a projecting porch built of artificial stone have been added, with a metal garage door completing the transformation, only a cast metal sign sited over the garage door acknowledges the history of the building.

A small window has been added in the upper part of the gable; it has a narrow wooden frame and is glazed with modern-looking leaded glass. The building has been extensively extended to the rear, and the land to the north side has been developed with the building of a new house. It was not possible to gain entry to view the interior. The old mission was for sale in 2018.