West Stockwith St Mary


Main entrance and
northern section of
the churchyard
The southern section of the
churchyard looking east

The churchyard is small, divided into two sections and covers an area of 0.05 ha. There is a narrow section to the north of the church that runs parallel to the village street and contains several grave markers. The larger section to the south of the church contains more burials.

To the north the churchyard boundary is a low brick wall with iron railings. The main entrance is on the north west and consists of two brick gate piers with an iron gate. The southern section of churchyard is surrounded by a high brick wall with an iron gate in the centre of the west wall. Late 19th and early 20th century Ordnance Survey maps show a row of almshouses along the western boundary of the churchyard and another along the southern boundary. These had gone by the 1970s.