Sutton on Trent All Saints

List of Incumbents

This list augments and amends the one that is displayed on a board in the south aisle of the church, first compiled in 1971.


26 April 1248

Ralph Brito (instituted)

By 1253

Peter, son of Bernard de Alexio


Thomas de Sutton [cf. Thoroton, iii, 176.]

7 Sept. 1281

Elias de Sutton (instituted)

18 April 1282-1304

Henry de Gloucester


16 December 1304-1347

Thomas Burdon of Wheldrake (died)


John de Tickhill (resigned)

7 March 1351

John de Hopton (resigned)

29 Nov. 1351

John, son of Adam de Carlton (resigned)

16 Nov. 1361

John de Farburn

18 Jan. 1362

William de Benningworth (resigned)

2 Nov. 1366

Roger de Catrike (resigned)

27 March 1372

Thomas Wyles


Robert de Trowell (resigned)

1 July 1409

Adam de Louth (resigned)

19 Sept. 1418

John Thelford MA (resigned)

12 Oct. 1423

Adam Galway (died)

22 Feb. 1426

William Sutton (resigned)

3 Nov. 1427

Simon Drury (died)

26 April 1458

Thomas Ayer (died)

7 October 1505

Edward Lockwood (died)

3 April 1508-27 May 1553

Robert Alexander (died after 16 June 1541 (Test. Ebor., vi, 132-9))

27 May 1553-12 May 1554

Thomas Wilson (apparently dismissed after a dispute, possibly for rejecting return to Catholicism, cf. NA PR 7213, notes after Torre, ‘assignate propter cont[estat]us’..)

12 May 1554-14 July 1569

William Pycard (resigned) [‘Vielande’ on board; ‘Viclarde’ in NA, PR 7213, notes after Torre; from 2 Feb. 1567-5 Oct. 1569 he was also perpetual vicar of South Scarle with Besthorpe and Girton.]

14 July 1567-1579

Thomas Griffin (resigned) [Probably to be identified with Thomas Griffin, prebendary of South Scarle 1583-1621.]

24 Sept. 1579-10 Oct. 1591

John Percye/Perrie (resigned) [‘Percy’ in NA PR 7213 and on board; he was presented by George, earl of Shrewsbury, farmer of the church]

10 Oct. 1591-13 April 1604

Thomas/William Brelsforth BA (died) [Brailesforth (NA PR 7213), presented by Gilbert, earl of Shrewsbury]

14 April 1604-1633

William Butcher MA (died)


No details found

23 April 1661-3 July 1667

Samuel Caldecott/Caldicotte MA


William Nelson MA

3 September 1673

Matthew Rayner BA [The board gives ‘5 Oct. 1664 William Nelson MA (died)’ and ‘3 July 1667 Matthew Rayner BA’. However Samuel Caldecott was vicar until 1667, while the Clergy Database lists two dates for the death of Nelson (1667, 1673) and two dates for the appointment of Rayner (1667, 1673) without further justification. According to Torre (NA PR 7213), Matthew Rayner was presented by Maria Clark, widow.]

1675-21 Sept. 1715

Thomas Andrews (died) [Torre (NA PR 7213) provides the date 1675, followed on the board. The Clergy Database states he was curate 1682-4, and vicar at his death]

21 Sept. 1715-13 May 1731

William Emmerson BA (resigned) [Previously vicar of Normanton on Trent, 1706-1727, and of Tetney (Lincoln) 15 July 1729 to death, 18 Dec. 1732]

19 July 1731-3 April 1746

Samuel Leeke BA [Vicar of Kilvington 1731-46 and North Collingham 1732-42. Lynford Caryl MA served as his curate in 1733, later becoming vicar of Rolleston, 1751-2, prebendary of North Muskham, 1750-81, Master of Jesus, Cambridge, 1758-81, and rector of Barnburgh, 1774-81 among many other preferments. From 1734-46 Robert Gunthorp, LlB, St John’s, Cambridge, served as his curate]

3 April 1746-11 Jan. 1783

Matthew Markland BA [Vicar of Egmanton 1752-1783]

11 Jan. 1783-

Gervas Raynes BA [Previously curate at Wollaton with Cossall (1764) and at Kettering (1772). Date of death not yet established. In 1785, Robert Cox was curate, moving to Laxton and Kneesall as curate in 1786, when he was replaced by Benjamin Cromwell Brown BA, later curate of East Markham in 1787 before becoming rector of West Markham, 1787-1803]

1 Jan. 1808-13 Sept. 1833

Thomas Hulse LlB (resigned) [Fellow of All Souls, Oxford (d. 1853), he was also vicar of Upchurch, 1809-18, and rector of North Ockenden, 1817-27 and of Wickford, 1827-32. For much of his time in Sutton, Edmund Herring, later vicar of Norwell, 1833-46, served as his curate]

13 Sept. 1833

Richard Thompson

3 March 1859

Josiah Allport

12 April 1867

Arthur Conrad Greystone LlB

5 Jan. 1875

Thomas R. Drake

21 Feb. 1886

Josiah Wright MA

17 July 1896

Gordon Robertson MA

21 Feb. 1905

Josiah Wright MA (for second time)

14 Dec. 1909

Hubert Henry Lovatt Lloyd March MA

7 June 1912

Gordon Percy Proctor MA

22 Nov. 1915

Walter Frederic Harden

3 Nov. 1921

George Henry Cole Bartley MA

29 Nov. 1924

Bernard McNaughten Hawes MA [He is listed on the vicar’s board as Bernard McNaughton Howes, but the inscription on the memorial window (16) gives his family names as McNaughten and Hawes]

12 Nov. 1930

Thomas Henry James Eling MA (resigned)

29 March 1938

William Clarke Bates (died)

27 June 1940-30 Sept. 1971

Robben Thomas Keal (resigned) [Vicar of Carlton on Trent from 1946; rector of Welby from 1954; canon of Southwell from 1956; rural dean of Norwell 1946-66; canon emeritus]

17 Dec. 1971-3 Nov. 1980

Peter Lewis Deschamps Chamier BCL, MA (resigned) [Holds Carlton in plurality; priest in charge of Normanton on Trent and Marnham from 1971; acting rural dean of Retford from 1980]

1 May 1981-31 Jan. 1986

David George Hatter (resigned) [Vicar of Sutton with Carlton and Normanton on Trent and Marnham; rural dean of Retford and Norwell 1984; hon. canon of Southwell from 1984.]

14 April 1986-31 March 1990

Thomas Foster Unsworth BA [Vicar of Sutton with Carlton and Normanton on Trent and Marnham; retired 1990]

4 Sept. 1990-1996

Philip Michael Bishop BD, AKC [Vicar of Sutton with Carlton and Normanton on Trent and Marnham; resigned 1996]

6 May 1997-2011

Sheila Dixon BA [Priest in charge of Sutton with Carlton and Normanton on Trent and Marnham; from 2005 also priest in charge of Norwell, Cromwell, Caunton and Ossington, retired 2011]

2013-30 Sept. 2014

Christine French BA [Priest in charge of Norwell, Cromwell, Caunton and Ossington with Sutton and Carlton on Trent; resigned Oct. 2014; vicar of Kirk Hallam, Derby diocese, Oct. 2014-]

19 July 2016-

Mark Adams BSc [Vicar of joint-benefice of Sutton, Carlton-on-Trent, Caunton, Cromwell, Norwell and Ossington; formerly vicar of St John’s, Mansfield, hon. canon of Southwell; rural dean of Newark, Sept. 2016-]