Bestwood St Matthew


Top stage of
the bell tower
The bells The tenor bell
during removal
(May 2018)
The interior of the
bell tower

The church has two bells which are located in a south-western brick tower with concrete louvres.

The inscription on the first reads as follows:

Glory in Excelsis Deo

It was recast in 1934, pre-dating the building of the church itself. The bell is 24.5 inches in diameter.

The second bell was founded by John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough. The inscription is as follows:

The cost of this bell was partly defrayed by the barron bell trust
Emma Barron, Founder

H. W. Eldred  }  
K. C. Walrond  }  Trustees
E. R. Pennell  }  

The bell is 35 inches in diameter.

Both bells are hung on rolled steel joist headstocks with chiming clappers. The treble was formerly used at the church of St Matthew on Nottingham’s Talbot Street which was demolished in 1956.

The bells were removed from the tower in May 2018.