Boughton St Matthew


The southern side of
the churchyard
The northern side of
the churchyard
Grave marker to
Thomas Frogson (1675)
Main gates and southern
boundary wall
Plaque on main gate

The churchyard covers three separate but complementary areas.

The former to the front, or southern side of the building is in good order. A remembrance garden provided to the east of this area, defined by roll-top edging tiles and purple slate chippings spread over the surface.

The other two areas are to the north side of the church building and are in two zones. The area adjacent the church includes gravesites until c1905, although there have been some recent upgrades. The area furthest away has regular use with gravesites in a logical order from c1956. It can be observed however some older gravesites c1928 can be found on the remote most northerly edge of this area. The reasoning behind these placements has not been established.

The main entrance gate is on the south and, according to a metal plaque on the gate itself, was restored in memory of Bill Alton in December 1989.

Other events have, on occasion, been recorded one such being the misdeeds of Robert Dewyk of Boughton who was cited on 16 October 1585 because ‘he set up a maye pole in the churchyard’.