Clayworth St Peter


Clock dial Clock mechanism Detail of clock

There is a turret clock in the tower on a gallery above the first floor. It is by W & J Barwise of St Martin's Lane, London, and is dated 1825. The clock mechanism is housed in a cast-iron frame that appears to be contemporaneous. A modern electric autowinder has been fitted.

John Barwise and Sons were well known clock and watchmakers who operated from 1790 to 1819 at 29 St Martin's Lane, London and from 1826 to 1875 at 24 St Martin's Lane. The initials on this clock identify John Barwise senior's sons John and Weston who, around 1820, succeeded in obtaining the royal warrant as watchmaker to King George IV. The firm reached its height as a retailer of high quality clocks and watches between 1810-1825. This is the only known example of a church turret clock by this firm in the county.