St Mary

War Memorial

The First World War

The Chancel Screen was erected in light oak in 1919 as a memorial to those from Greasley who died in the First World War and the 68 names shown on it are:-

Major C.M. Merritt   Capt. C. Nevill   Capt. F.M. Weeks
Lt. G. Dixon   Sgt. A. Pearson   Lance Cpl. F. Hayes
Lance Cpl. S. Lane   Lance Cpl. G. Taylor   Pt. H. Gregory.
W. Alton   J.T. Anthony   J. W. Attenborough
J. Baxter   R. Bentley   S. Berry
S. Bird   W. Bolton   S. Broome
W. Brown   W.H. Burrows   R. Buxton
W. Camm   C. Carter   T. Cassidy
L. Clement   T. Clark   M. Clifton
B. Cunningham   T.W. Curry   C.A. Daniels
O.F. Daniels   C. Derbyshire   D. Roddy
J. Hemstock   I.H. Housley   F. Hunt
W. Kirk   A. Knox   F. Leivers
E. Meakin   A. Needham   J. Oakes
E. Pearson   B. Rollin   R. Pilbeam
F. Rate   J. Rogers   W. Roland
L. Shipstone   B. Shipstone   A. Sissons
A. Smith   B. Smith   S. Smith
P. Speechley   G. Syson   J. Storer
B. Taylor   S. Varley   J. Whitehouse
H. Whittamore   J. Wing   W. Wright
L. Cecelia Holmes WRAF   E. Smith   E. Ward
S. Low   A. Price    

The Second World War

In the Chancel is a wooden board bearing the Memorial to the Second World War, in light oak and separated into the three services and bearing the names:-

Royal Navy
R. C. Nutt        
L. Worrall        
A. Adnitt   T. Barratt   H. Bates
A.E. Birkin   T. Hamilton   S. Hodgkinson
A. Hogg   I. Justice   J.H. Sheffield
B. J. Soar   D.G. Stimpson   A.O. Syson
A.B. Taylor   C. Troop   W. Wadsley
Royal Air Force
K.W. Coates   C. Drury   M.M. Hutchinson AFC
A. Naylor   W.R. Norman   E.A. Smith
C.R.D. Stewart   V. Easterhouse DFC   L.J. Worrall