St John the Baptist


There is a single bell in a western turret. It has no inscriptions, measures 13⅛" in diameter and has weight 2qtr 3lb. It is hung for swing chiming from a wooden headstock with lever and plain bearings. The bell retains its canons. It is liekly that the bell dates from 1850 when the church was originally built, and may be a brass-founder’s product.

Thomas Hedderly’s notebook contains a note about Gunthorpe, which must refer to a bell in the old church:


111lbs weight     Own metle 5cwt 17

Regardless of his harp
Apollo Here is found
Charmed with the Solemn
Bells Melodious Sound 1781

Whether this verse was actually inscribed on the bell is open to conjecture.

The bell from the old church was said to have been put in the old Exchange Building in Nottingham (which was demolished in 1926).