St John the Baptist

War Memorial

There are two Rolls of Honour, one for the 1914-1918 war and another for the 1939-1946 war. They both record the number of people who served during the two wars and those who were killed.

The First World War Roll of Honour Detail of the names The Second World War Roll of Honour Detail of the names

During the First World War 58 men served and 12 of them died, these being marked with a cross by the name:

Allison, Richard  +
Allison, Fred
Allwood, Samuel Thomas
Black, George Hartwell
Bamford, George
Collishaw, George
Crampton, William
Cavers, Harry
Dawson, Walter  +
Drakes, Frank
Dufty, Louis
East, Evely F.R.
East, John
East, Frank  +
Freestone, William J.
Freestone, Charles
Freeman, Cecil J.
Freeman, Ernest H.  +
Griffits, James
Hodgkinson, Percy
Issit, Thomas
Kirby, Maurice E.
Knight, Hubert
Knight, Wilfred  +
Knight, Frank
Knight, George
Knight, Ernest
  Martin, Charles
Moon, Charles  +
Newmarch, Walter
Parkins, Bernard  +
Pownall, Clement  +
Peatman, Bernard  +
Peatman, Thomas
Purdon, George
Piggot, David
Palmer, Fred
Palmer, Archibald
Palmer, Thomas
Pykett, William
Pykett, Arthur
Reeve, Percy
Scrimshaw, Bernard
Thraves, Richard
Thraves, Frank  +
Thraves, Horace
Ward, Joseph
Ward, Robert
Widdowson, George  +
Widdowson, John  +
Widdowson, Charles
Widdowson, James
Widdowson, Gilbert
Widdowson, Walter
Wesson, John
Watson, Emmanuel
Walker, Gilbert
Wilson, Charles William

The countries where they served are recorded:

Belgium   Russia
France   Italy
Serbia   Portugal
America   Japan

The memorial was designed written and presented to Gunthorpe by Valentin Vaerwych the Archdeacon of Ghent. He was a Belgian refugee who was resident in the village during the Great War 1914-1918.

The Second World War memorial records the names of 66 men who served in the war, and also of the two who lost their lives:

Allwood GS        Greaves JS

The oak lectern was given in memory of those who died in the Great War.

The names of those from Gunthorpe who died are also listed on the main War Memorials in Lowdham.