Gunthorpe St John the Baptist


The east window Detail of the window

The East Window

The east window is the only stained glass window. Sir John Francklin of Gonalston Hall donated it when the new church was built in 1850. It is of a patterned design and is not signed.

Roundels in Other Windows

There are five roundels in the side windows. They were made by Michael David Stokes of Edwinstowe, as was the new window in St Mary’s Church at Lowdham. The roundels are in memory of recent members of the congregation.

1Ray Piggott 2005. This depicts a scene of the countryside around Gunthorpe and the church.

2Paul Johnson 2004. This one commemorates the communion service with a bunch of grapes and a sheaf of corn.

3Doreen Piggott . Friends of the Local History Society gave this in her memory. It has a Pasque flower, which was her favourite flower. Doreen Piggott was a botanist as well as a very good local historian.

4Kathleen and Bert Stevens . In their memory there is a picture of an Anemone flower.

5Robert Burbidge 1987 This one incorporates a piece of stained glass which was made by Robert’s great-grandfather who worked in stained glass It depicts the face of Christ.

A service of dedication was held for the roundels, which had been put in the church in memory of Doreen Piggott and Kath and Bert Stevens on 14 February 1998.