Newstead Abbey St Mary


Archival Sources

Southwell Diocesan Archives

Newstead Abbey Chapel Minute Book 1950-1975  (28,913)

Newstead Abbey Chapel Annual Meetings Minute Book 1976-1985  (28,914)

Newstead Abbey Chapel Minute Book 1983-1984  (28,916)

Newstead Abbey Chapel Committee Bundle of miscellaneous loose sheets 1980-1985 and 1987-1990 (40 items in total)

Published Sources

Ashpitel, A. 'On the architecture of Newstead Abbey', Journal of the British Archaeological Association, Volume IX (1854)

Coope, R. and Smith, P., Newstead Abbey: a Nottinghamshire Country House: its Owners and Architectural History 1540-1931, Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, Record Series, 48 (2014)

Coope, R., 'The Webb Family and its Ownership of Newstead Abbey, 1860-1925', Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 105 (2001)

Lyons, F. P., The Hills of Annesley (1987)

Pearson, D. R., Annesley through the ages (1995)

'The suicide of an undergraduate', Eastern Evening News, 30 April 1884

Other Sources

Jackson, H (Curator): miscellaneous Abbey and Abbey Chapel documents of relevance

Helpful conversations with several long-term members of the Abbey Chapel community.