Nottingham St Bartholomew

Features and Fittings

Photos of the interior looking east
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With only a couple of photographs of the interior of St Bartholomew’s it is difficult to describe the fittings and fixtures. Some idea may however be formulated by using the church records which list various items donated to the church mainly as memorial gifts. This list therefore also serves as a record of many of the memorials within the church.

High Altar

Donated by William Tower in 1902. A photograph shows the altar completely covered by a frontal cloth and backed by three panels, possibly also fabric covered. On either side of the altar wood panelling about four feet high extends to the north and south walls.

High Altar

By the congregation in memory of the Rev Walter Spears 1929.

Altar cloth

By Mabel Welford in memory of her mother Mary Welford

Liturgy desk

Located at the east-end of the central aisle – Given 1912 by Fred Whitt in memory of his wife Sarah Whitt.

Riddel Posts

Given by Lady Gertrude Whitwell 1912

Lady Chapel Altar

Communion rail presented by Gertrude and Rose Whitworth in memory of their sister Emma Whitworth – 1912

Credence table for the High Altar

Walter Hood – 1920

Communion Rail for High Altar

Presented in 1921 by a communicant- 1929


Location not stated – By Sarah Berwell and friends in memory of Lily Gertrude East – 1929


Also 1929 by relatives and friends of Edith Maria Carnill

Altar canopy

Given by the Vicar, the Rev Mr Hamband and his family in thanksgiving for their recovery from an accident – 1930

Altar frontal

In memory of Frederick Whitt, Church Warden 1885-1903, given by his daughter

Altar lace

In memory of Miss Dorothy Brown given by her colleagues.

Oak crucifix

Given by the Rev Mr Hardy – 1944

Eagle lectern

Presented by Samuel Burrows in memory of his parents Robert and Elizabeth Burrows.

Lectern bible

In memory of Mrs P Sewell. Given by her daughter Mrs Olive Ansell – 1945

Pulpit bible

Donated by Mr and Mrs Tebb – 1948


By the congregation in memory of Thomas Symons, Warden of the Sunday School 1912. The original architects drawings show a font located to the left of the west porch entrance.


Photographs show that the seating was formed by rows of stained beech-wood chairs joined together by battens of the same material. Each chair had a shallow open tray on the back to hold prayer and hymn books.