Nottingham St Bartholomew

War Memorial

Roll of Honour
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Casket housing the
Roll of Honour

No record of a fixed War Memorial has been located. However, a Roll of Honour was produced in a leather-bound, brass-clasped book entitled ‘Parish History’. The book is housed in an oak casket with a cross inscribed on the lid. Much of the volume is blank with the Roll of Honour towards the back of the book titled:

Parish and Congregational

Roll of Honour

The Great War

Aug. 1914- Nov. 1918

The 27 hand written pages list the name, rank and regiment of each of the 704 men of the parish and congregation who served with the armed forces during the conflict. At the end of many lines is one or more of the letters K, P, W, G, D indicating that the person was Killed, Taken Prisoner, Wounded, Gassed or Died. Several lines end with more than one letter.

136    are listed as killed
8   are listed as taken prisoner
178   are listed as being wounded
12   were gassed
13   are listed died (no further explanation given)

There is no record of 1939-1945 causalities.