St Stephen

Features and Fittings

When St Stephen’s, Bunkers Hill closed in 1896 virtually everything that could be physically moved was transferred to Hyson Green. This included the font, which had been acquired through a subscription raised in memory of Samuel Taylor Thraves, Bunkers Hill churchwarden 1882-1891, and a wooden top which was presented in memory of George Francis Cooper who died in 1897. The oak eagle lectern, given in memory of Henry Francis McDonald, son of the vicar of Holy Trinity and curate at Bunkers Hill, who died in Africa in 1878, and the pulpit, presented in memory of Samuel Middleton in 1881, also went to Hyson Green. The quaint pews with their iron stands, and even the gratings of the heating apparatus were transferred, as was a painting of the Last Supper which was part of the reredos at Bunkers Hill. It was hung in the vicar’s vestry - rather than the church - where it remains! The choir stalls were were moved to Hyson Green but given away to St Margaret’s church in 1906.