Rempstone St Peter in the Rushes


Looking south-west
across the churchyard
Looking north towards
most of the headstones
(The Marsden tomb is
within the main thicket)

The graveyard is in a derelict close with hedges and fields on three sides. The fourth side faces an open field, part of the area from which sand and gravel are being extracted [2008]. The gravestones, in various states of decay and damage, are scattered mainly to the south and east of a small old railed off area in which the monument to Robert Marsden stands and where shrubs and weeds are growing. Two slate fragments stand or stood in this tiny enclosure.

The earliest register of parchment with baptisms and burials is from 1570 to 1735, in English. The second register also of parchment includes baptisms and burials from 1737 to 1812. These two registers therefore cover the latter existence of the old church.

There appears not to have been a formal closure of this graveyard or if there were, it was ignored for this old burial ground has been in use after the new church and graveyard were built in 1771/72 as evidenced by headstones to Bowley and Scattergood families. Throsby wrote that

‘... The people retain their prejudices for the old burying ground: few, at present, are inclined to lay the bones of their departed in the new in preference of the old church-yard. In the old burying ground are two tombs, one for an Archdeacon of Nottingham, of the name of Marsden, Rector, who died in August, 1748, at the advanced age of 90. The other is for a Mr Davis. ...’

At least three detailed listings of the headstones are available and are given below the last of which revealed new slabs.

List by Nottinghamshire Family History Society

The alphabetical list of headstones in the old churchyard of St Peter in the Rushes was recorded by members of Nottinghamshire Family History Society. This includes and agrees with a list made by Godfrey in the 19th or early 20th century although his list is not alphabetical.

BOWLEY, William died 28 Mar 1770 in his 60th year; Sarah, his wife died 5 Feb 1784 in her 74th year.

BOWLEY, Sarah daughter of William & Sarah Bowley, died 13 Dec 1764 in her 16th year.

BOWLEY, John died 28 June 1821 aged 80.

DOUGHTY, Frederick husband of Ann Doughty, died 8 April 1750 in his 29th year and Francis, their son, died 2 Feb 1750 in his infancy

HALLAM, Jane wife of Moses Hallam, died 25 Mar 1747 in her 28th year.

HEMSLEY, Samuel died 26 Apr 1773 aged 47.

LEAKE, Thomas died 1 Oct 1771 aged 56; Elizabeth, his wife, died 1 May 1802 aged 84; and two children, Thomas and Elizabeth, who died in their infancy.

MARSDEN, Robert Revd. B.D. son of Thomas Marsden late vicar of Walton, Lancs died 24 Aug 1748 in his 82nd year.

NEWTON, Judith wife of Henry Newton of Boyton, Cornwall, son of Isaac and Mary Newton of Rempstone and daughter of Matthew and Ann Norgate of Matham [Martham] in Norfolk, died 29 Jan 1748 in her 73rd year.

NORRIS, John son of George Norris, buried 16 Nov 1716.

REANOR, Henry husband of Hannah Reanor, died 28 Sept 1705 aged 33.

SCATTERGOOD, Edward gent died 16 Dec 1749 aged 65.

SCATTERGOOD, George died 21 Dec 1817 aged 84; Sarah, his wife, died 3 Jul 1800 aged 68.

[SCATTERGOOD, Henrietta (see Stevens) died 22 Apr 1763 in her 61st year.]

STAFFORD, Joseph sen[io]r of Rempstone died 10 Jun 1753 in his 74th year.

STEELE, Thomas died 26 Jun 1731 in his 81st year.

STEELE, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Steele of Rempstone and daughter of William and Mary Stone of Sutton Bonnington, died 11 Nov 1747 in her 91st year.

STEEL, Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth Steel of Rempstone and who married Elizabeth daughter of Edward and Isabel Turner of Willoughby, died 1 Apr 1756 in his 66th year.

STEELE, Matthew gent of Burton on the Wolds, died 12 Jun 1799 aged 79.

STEELE, John “Of Hoton though late of Burton” died 14 Apr 1770 in his 84th year; Sarah, his wife died 6 Feb 1761 in her 77th year.

STEVENS, Henrietta relict of William Stevens of Quorndon, gent who was first married to Edward Scattergood, of this parish, gent. She died 22 Apr 1763 in her 61st year.

[STONE, Elizabeth (See STEELE) died 11 Nov 1747 in her 9lst year.]

TOWLE, Mary died 19 Jan 1723 aged 29.

WOODRUFFE, Thomas bachelor died 15 Sep 1721 aged 61.

Two further headstones were recovered from the village. One to a former rector of the old church, George Goodman. This has now been affixed upon the wall at the south entrance of the new church. The other, which is in two parts, is an early headstone of the Bowley family.

GOODMAN Here lieth interred the Body of George Goodman late Rector of the parish who departed this life the first day of August in the year of our Lord 1695 also ye body of Millicent his wife who survived him and continued his widow fifty four years and departed this life December the 28th 1749. Aged 84.

BOWLEY Here lieth interred the body of John Bowley who departed this life April the 9th. In the year of our Lord 1735. And in the 53rd year of his age here also lieth the body of Elizabeth the wife of John Bowley she departed this life December ye 31st 1755 in the 85th year of her age.

Details of the Marsden Tomb

A large memorial in the graveyard to Rev Robert Marsden is in a railed enclosure overgrown with weeds and shrubs. The inscription is given in Godfrey’s Churches in the Hundred of Rushcliffe:

Sacred to the Memory of the very Reverend ROBERT MARSDEN BD (Son of a very worthy Divine THOMAS MARSDEN, late Vicar of Walton in ye County of Lancaster) Formerly Fellow & an Eminent Tutor In Jesus College in Cambridge, Domestic Chaplain to those most Learned and pious Prelates Dr Symon Patrick, late Bishop of Ely: AND Dr John Sharp, late Lord Arch·Bishop of York; Rector of this Parish, Prebendary of the Collegiate Church of Southwell, And Arch·Deacon of Nottingham. Who by laudable & indefatigable Study acquired an intimate Knowledge of useful learning especially Divinity, (which he applied to promote Piety & Virtue) and of the Doctrine & Discipline of ye Church of England, which He observ’d, defended, & enforced. A Watchful Guide of his Parish; Instructive in his Sermons, & Admonitions; But more in his Example. A Loyal and Obedient Subject; Benevolent to all Mankind; Extremely Charitable in his Life and at his death; A sincere Friend & a kind Neighbour; Grave and pleasing in his Conversation; Esteemed & Beloved by all his Acquaintance; And having spent his many Years in doing the Good in his Power, He entered upon the Reward of it, August the 24th 1748, In the 82nd Year of his Age. Go and Do thou Likewise.

Note: He was admitted prebendary of Eaton in Southwell 18 January 1713 and resigned it for that of Norwell Palishall to which he was admitted 2 June 1720 which he held until his death. He was also collated to the Archdeaconry of Nottingham, 18 February 1715/16.

The inscription on the
Marsden tomb

List by Trent Valley Archaeological Research Committee

More detailed information with photographs of the gravestones listed above was compiled by Trent Valley Archaeological Research Committee as part of a Redundant Church Survey.

[1] LEAKE, Thomas / Elizabeth

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Leake who died Oct the 1st 1771 aged 56 years also Eliz. the wife of Thomas Leake. She departed this life the 1st of May 1802, aged 84; and of Thos and Elizh children of the above [space] who died in their infancy.

Slate. 58x4x124 cm Mason: Winfield of Wymeswold

[2] HALLAM, Jane / Moses

Here lieth the body of Jane the wife of Moses Hallam who departed this life March the 25th in the year of the Lord 1747 and the 28th year of her age. I was with pain so sore apprest which wore my strength away and made me long for eternal rest which never will decay.

Slate. 51x4x86 cm Mason: W Clarkes, sculpt

[3] DOUGHTY, Frederick / Ann

Here lieth the body of Frederick Doughty the husband of Ann Doughty who departed this life April the 8th 1750 in ye 24th year of his age. Here also lieth the body of Francis Doughty the son of Frederick and Ann Doughty, he died Feb: ye 2 1750 in his infancy.

All flesh is like the withering hay
It springs it grows it fades away
So don’t for us warm tears molest
God takes them soonest whom he loves the best

Slate. 84x5.5x84 cm Mason: Unknown

[4] STEELE, Matthew

In memory of Matthew Steele, gent of Burton on the Woulds who departed this life the 12th of June 1799 aged 79 years.

Thou too must join the dead - become as they
Sleep through the night - wake to the awful day
This calls for pause - let worldly cares make room
For meditations on a world to come

Slate. 80x4x122 cm Mason: Roworth, Wimewold [Wymeswold]

[5] STEELE, John / Sarah

Sacred to the memory of John Steele of H[oto]n, though late of Burton. He died April the 14th 1770 in the 84th year of his age. Also to the memory of Sarah, the wife of John Steele. She departed this life February the 6th 1761 in the 77th year of her age.

  ‘So as in Adam all die even so in Christ shall all be made alive.’  
I Cor. C·XV V·22

Slate. 74x6x118 cm Mason: Unknown

[6] Only the bottom of this slate remains.

Slate. 70x5.5x16+ cm Mason: Unknown

[7] STEELE, Elizabeth / Thomas; STOWE, Wm / Mary

[Not STONE as above]

Here lieth the body of Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Steele of Rempstone and daughter of William and Mary Stowe of Sutton Bonnington she departed this life November the 11th in the year of the lord 1747 and in the 91st year of her age.

She lies here below this stone we find
Hath left but few as she was behind
Both when as a wife and in her widowhood
To those that stood in need she did them good
Then she at length laid down her life in peace
In the hope that she might wear a golden crown

Slate. 77x6x99 cm Mason: W Haywood, Sculpt

[8] STEELE, Thomas

Here lieth interred the body of Thomas Steele who departed this life the 26th of June ann dom 1731 in the 81st year of his age.

Affliction sore long time I bore
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please to give me peace
And rid me of my pain

Slate. 57x5x64 cm Mason: Unknown

[9] SCATTERGOOD, George / Sarah

Beneath rest the earthly remains of Geoe Scattergood who departed this life the 21st day of Dec 1817, aged 84 years

Sarah wife of Geoe Scattergood she died the 3rd day of July 1800 aged 68 years

Slate. 85x4.5x107 cm Mason: Unknown

[10] STEVENS, Henrietta / William; & SCATTERGOOD, Edward

Here lieth interred the body of Henrietta Stevens, relict of William Stevens of Quorndon, gent. Who was married to Edward Scattergood of this parish, gent. She departed this life, April the 22nd in the year of our Lord 1763 and in the LXI years of her age.

The faithful loving mother dear
Her soul to God in peace resigned
Hoping in glory to appear
Before the Jud[g]e of all mankind.

Slate. 61x4.5x95 cm Mason: Unknown

[11] SCATTERGOOD, Edward

Here lieth interred the body of Edward Scattergood, gentleman who departed this life the 16th day of December MDCCXLIX [1749] aged 65 years.

[-] life was truly valuable, [-] death much lamented [-] was an affectionate husband, [-] father, a kind master and good neighbour, but to [-] all he was a pious and worthy Christian.

Let me die the death of the righteous.

Slate. 76x8x107 cm Mason: Unknown

[12] TOWLE, Mary

Here lies the body of Mary T[ow]le who died Jan ye 14th 1723, aged 29

Slate. 16x4x50 cm Mason: Unknown

[13] HARRISS / John and George

[NOTE. Addition to the list above.]

Here lieth the body of John Harriss son of George Harriss who was buried on the 16th day of November anno dom 1716

(The remainder of inscription buried.)

Slate. 41x3x35+ cm Mason: Unknown

[14] NEWTON, Judith / Henry; NEWTON Isaac / Mary; DOLGATE Matthew /Ann

[NOTE. The above list has the name Norgate for Dolgate; the latter is not in Reaney and Wilson’s book of [16000] English surnames.]

Here lieth the body of Judith Newton ye wife of Henry Newton of Boynton [Boyton] in Cornwall; and son of Isaac and Mary Newton of Rempstone. She was the daughter of Matthew and Ann Dolgate of Hatham [Hartham] in Norfolk. She departed this life January 24th in the year of our Lord MDCCXVIII [1718?] and in the 33[?] year of her life.

From my dear husband grave I am come and here interred to be
But in heaven I hope him for to meet and there each other to see
Farewell my loving children dear which in this world I do leave here
Do not for me in tears remain ----

Slate. 93.5x5x99 cm Mason: Unknown

[15] WOODRUFFE, Thomas

Here lieth the body of Thomas Woodruffe, bachelor who departed this life on the 15th day of Septbr anno dom 1721 aged 61 years.

Slate. 61x4x77 cm Mason: Unknown

[16] BOWLEY, John

Sacred to the memory of John Bowley who exchanged this mortal for an immortal state on the 28th day of June MDCCCXXI age 80 years.

With deepest thoughts spectator view your fate
This mortal pass to an immortal state
Thro dark vale we hope he found his way
To the bright region of eternal day.

Slate. 74x4x133 cm Mason: Unknown

[17] BOWLEY, William / Sarah

Sacred to the memory of William Bowley who departed this transitory life March the 28th in the year of our Lord 1770 and the 69th year of his age.

To the memory of Sarah, the wife of William Bowley she departed this life February the 5th in the year of our Lord 1784

  Let us die the death of the righteous and let our last end be like his  
MC XXIII V 50? 38?

Slate. 90x5.5x109 cm Mason: Unknown


... She    ...     is life
Decem    13 in ye year
of our Lord 1764 And i
the 16th year of her age

[The burial register confirms that this was Sarah, daughter of William and Sarah Bowley.]

Slate. 51x4x43 cm Mason: Unknown


Here lieth ye Henry Learcars the husband of Harriet Learcars. He departed this life September ye 28th in the year of our Lord 1705 aged 33.

[There are no burials in the parish register for 1705 and the name Learcars was not found among burials from 1695 to 1715.]

Slate. 46x4x48 cm Mason: Unknown

[20] STAFFORD, Joseph

Near this place lieth interr’d the body of Joseph Stafford Seneor of Rempstone who departed this life June the 10th in the year of our Lord 1752 and in the 74th year of his age

Slate. 51x5x59 cm Mason: Unknown

[21]Fragments of stone within the enclosure:

John Davis ... at law who married the only daughter of ... Gabriel Hebb, gent by whom he has issue 4 sons and 2 daughters. Departed ...

[Presumably this John Davis is the father of John Davys, gentleman who lies in a vault below the centre of the nave of the new church. The latter died 23 April 1783, aged 63. His mother Ann Davys, née Hebb, died in 1773 and was the sole heiress of Gabriel Hebb of Rempstone, Gentleman.]

... who departed this life December the 31st in the year of our Lord 1723 aged 63 years.

[The only burial recorded in the parish register for January 1723/4 is that on 21st January of Mary Towle aged 29, wife of Goody Towle.]

[22] MARSDEN, Robert

Memorial stone, details above.

Granite. 100x56x130 Mason: Unknown

[23]A fragment of stone.