Staunton St Mary


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Historical Pictures

Engraving of William de
Staunton's monument, 1676
Engraving of Joan de
Staunton's monument, 1676
Church from
the west, c.1920

St Lawrence's Choir,
c. 1910

Modern Photographs

View of the church
from the south-east
View of the church and
hall from the
View from the
View from the
View from the west Gates to the
Gargoyle and corbel
table on the north face
of the tower
Detail of corbel table
on south face of nave
The chancel and
east end
The chancel
looking south-west
The interior
looking east
The nave looking
The north aisle
looking west
Detail of Robert
Staunton's monument
Detail of the east window Pulpit, lectern and
blocked tower doorway
Looking up at the
nave roof
Detail of hatchment Staunton family
Old “tortoise
stove” heater