Sutton Bonington St Anne

List of Incumbents



Patrons etc

12 Mar 1315

John de Tykenhale

Prior & Conv of Repton Died,. Black death 1348

28 Jul 1349

Henry Gorney de Rempstone

Prior & Conv of Repton

14 Feb 1394

John Wilmot

Thomas de Merdeleys

14 Aug 1420

Nicholas de Hull

Prior & Conv of Repton  


Thomas Davidson

Prior & Conv of Repton Buried, St. Anne’s

22 Jan  1464

Edward Tasker

Prior & Conv of Repton. Resigned

3 Feb 1474

Thomas Ball

Prior & Conv of Repton. Resigned

4 Feb 1479

William Salvayn

Archbp. Of York. Resigned

4 May 1482

John Alwood

Prior & Conv of Repton.

11 Mar 1501

Lawrence Sutton

Prior & Conv of Repton. Died

9 Aug 1525

William Stanley

Pbr. Rec of St Michaels. Dissolution of Repton Priory


Thomas Stanley

Archbishop of York

17 May 1567

John Holt

Archbishop of York.  Resigned

4 Sept 1572

Christopher Smyth

Francis Fielding. Died, Buried St Anne’s 1592

20 Aug 1593

Robert Farmer

Anthony Fielding. Deacon

12 June 1651

John Simpson BA.

Queen Elizabeth. Buried St. Anne’s 31 Jan 1622


Thomas Savage BD

Buried St. Anne’s March 21 1662

21 Nov 1662

John Dashfield

Thomas Grey Esq. Also Rector of St Michael’s

5 May 1664

John Strickland

George Lord Berkley. Buried St Anne’s. 1665?

27 April 1665

William Moore

George Lord Berkley & William Grey. Died

7 Nov 1667

Moore Fortune MA

King Charles II.  Died

4Mar 1685

William Rose

 King Charles II

7 Feb 1698

Richard Kay

William III

21 Feb 1702

Thomas Boothby MA

Queen Anne

19 April 1721

Richard Wenman

George I. Died Aug 1755

3 Sept 1755

Charles Allen

George II. Died

1 Dec 1795

Nathaniel Palmer Johnson MA

George III. resigned

15 Oct 1797

Samaauel Francis Dashwood BA

George III. Rec of Stanford on Soar 1801. Died

30 May 1827

John Lafont MA

George IV Rector of Hincksworth. 1822.  Died

10 Mar 1848

 Thomas Barton

Queen Victoria. Ex Curate Resigned

13 Oct 1848

James Fyler BA.

Queen Victoria. Resigned

3 June 1856

John C Tylden Pattenson

Queen Victoria, Res. Died Insane. Brass in Church. 

11 June 1875

Edward Stuart Taylor MA

Queen Victoria. Buried St Anne’s 17 June 1902


William Robert Hamilton.BA

Edward VII.  Exchanged to East Malling Kent

22 May1920

Walter Edward Buckland MA

George V. Ex Vicar of East Malling

25 Feb 1931

Arthur Lewelyn Tomas BA

George V. Benefice of St Michaels & St. Anne

The Benefices of St Michael and St Anne united by order in Council

20 April 1950

Thomas William Bryan

Dean & Chapter of Bristol

25 Mar 1965

Philip Vivian Rogers Pennant,TD.MA

The Bishop of Southwell

20 July 1979

Arthur Clarke BA. M.Phil. Dip. Ed

The Bishop of Southwell


Colin Blackmore Perkins Fch.Dip Min

The Bishop of Southwell


Julia Palmer BA. MA.

The Bishop of Southwell

A document providing short profiles of the rectors and curates of St Anne’s Sutton Bonington (1848-1920) is available online.