Wollaton Park St Mary


East window

East window Detail of east window

Central roundel

Cross of Calvary flanked by XP Chi Rho

Top roundel

Pelican in piety

Left roundel

Crown of thorns and Faith

Right roundel

Anchor and word Hope

Lower roundel

Fleur de Lys symbol for the Holy Trinity and the Virgin Mary and the word Purity

Inner Motifs

Lilies from the Madonna lily

Flanking roundels

On the left, Lamb of God symbol for Jesus Christ; On the right, either the Eagle or the Phoenix

Symbols at the top of the lights from left to right:

 - Lamp devotion
 - Sacred Heart
 - Monogram of the Virgin Mary
 - Lilies symbol of the Virgin Mary
 - Bible

West window

West window Detail of west window

Similar to the east window.

Nave windows

Five small single narrow, lancet lights each side with regular squared glazing set in lead with Romanesque-style arched heads.

The windows in the aisles have no stained glass and this makes the church very light.