Basford St Leodegarius


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire Archives:

PR 5962/1   Terrier 1743
PR 5962/2   Terrier 1777
PR 5962/3   Terrier 1786
PR 5963   Church Restoration Committee Minutes 1858-60.
PR 19279   Letter of April 1782 re the intended Inclosure of Basford.
PR 19280/1   Faculty, April 1905, for stained glass window in memory of Rev.H.R.Pitman and a memorial tablet for his daughter Janetta R.A.Pitman.
PR 19280/2   Faculty, July 1911, for stained glass window in memory of Charles James Fox.
PR 19280/3   Faculty, Aug. 1925, for memorial tablet for Elizabeth Brumell Pitman.
PR 19280/4   Faculty, March 1932, to sell portion of graveyard for £15 to Nottm. Corporation.
PR 19280/5     Faculty, May 1940, for electric organ blower and 2 brass candlesticks.
PR 19285/1-3   Bill, April 1921, for bells from John Taylor & Co. Bellfounders, Loughborough.
PR 19287   Vestry Minutes 1904-41.
PR 27297   Vestry Minutes 1767-1845, inc. details of church repairs 1818-33.

Lincolnshire Archives:

NRL Bundle 28/36   Petition, Jan.1864, by Rev.H.R.Pitman that his house be deemed a legal house of residence.
Also letter, March 1864, re. the iniquity of paying for a House Licence.
COR. B7/1   Letters re land purchased from Duke of Newcastle in April 1842 for a cemetery for Basford.
Consec 280/4   Conveyance of land, Nov. 1874, on Nottingham Road to Basford for Burial Ground, by W. E. Gladstone et al.

C of E Record Centre Bermondsey:

66270   Letter, March 1885, from Rev. H.R.Pitman re proposed purchase of Basford Glebe.
Articles of Agreement, March 1907; Rev.E.M.Vaughan to pay St Mary’s Nottingham £2000 for buildings and land in the All Saints area of the city

Lambeth Palace Library:

ICBS 21   Application and letters re grant from the ICBS for new seats, gallery, repairs etc. July 1818 - Nov. 1819.
ICBS 5154   Application and letters re grant for re-seating, repairs and re-building the tower. June 1857-July 1860.

Borthwick Institute York:

Archiepiscopal Registers,
W.Wickwaine 1279-8 Vol.3.
  Confirmation of Archbishop Gray’s appropriation of Basford Church to Catesby Priory, Jan.1245/6.
Court Book V 1748-9   Mrs Theaker charged with not teaching correct catechism at school.

Flintshire Record Office:

Sir Stephen Glynne’s Notebooks, Vol 34, f.18   Description of St Leodegarius, 19 Feb.1868

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