St Leodegarius

War Memorial

Book of Remembrance

One war memorial is a glass-topped wooden desk in carved dark oak, max. height 3' 3"; top 2' 1" x 1' 6¾", containing The Book of Remembrance. There are 210 names on the Roll of Honour of men from Basford who died in the First World War. No names are included for those who fell in the Second World War. A small brass plaque on top reads:

Presented by Mrs C.J. Spencer June 4th 1921.


Eight bells were hung in 1921 as a memorial to the fallen of the parish. Two of the old bells were melted down to become part of the new peal cast by Taylors of Loughborough.

Roll of Honour

The names on the Roll of Honour are as follows:

Adams, Arthur
Adams, Francis Osborne
Adams, Samuel Rueben
Armfield, George Alfred
Arnold, Richard Harry
Bacon, Albert
Bamford, Edgar Archibald
Banner, Albert
Barnes, Alfred
Basford, Edwin
Bellaby, Vivian
Binks, William
Birch, William
Blagdon, Bernard
Blagdon, Cyril
Bolstridge, Jess Palfryman
Breffitt, George Edward
Brown Vincent
Brownlow, Mark
Buckley, William
Bunfield, Edward Charles
Bunfield, Samuel William
Burgin, William Arthur
Burrows, Walter
Burton, Alfred
Burton, Thomas Harold
Camm, Tom Francis
Carnill, Frederick
Carrington, John Thomas
Castledine, Joseph
Chambers, Thomas
Clark, David
Clarke, Walter
Cockayne, Frank
Cox, Walter
Cox, William
Crisp, John Thomas
Crooks, George
Currin, George Henry
Darby, Richard
Davis, Walter Arthur B.
Day, Charles Percival
Dexter, George Cyril
Donnelly, Henry
Draper, Arthur
Draper, Samuel
Daykin, John Richard
Ellis, Charles Richard
Etches, Samuel
Fearn, Wallace Smith
Fewkes, Charles
Fisher, A. W.
Fisher, Percy William
  Fletcher, William
Flory, Edgar William
Fox, William
Franklin, George
French, Alfred
Garton, George
Gibson, Samuel
Gill, Henry
Godfrey, Herbert
Gold, Frederick
Gouldin, George
Gouldin, James
Green, John Thomas
Gregory, Arthur
Gregory, Arthur Boot
Gregory, Frederick George
Groves, Horace
Hall, Henry
Harris, Thomas George
Henson, Percy
Hide, George
Hopewell, Robert George
Hopkin, Harry
Hurriman, Harold
Huskinson, C. G.
Hutchby, Harry
Ingham, David Albert
Jackson Albert
Javes, Ben
Jennings, William
Jennison, Charles Edward
Kendrick, George
King, Thomas
Knight, Claude Edward
Knight, Ernest Arthur
Knighton, Mark Ernest
Lakin, Robert
Latham, Bernard
Latham, Horace
Lawson, John
Leaper, John A.
Leonardi, Ernest
Lock, Arthur
Lock, William Carlile
Lovegrove, Elias
Marshall, Arthur William
Marshall, Alonzo
Marshall, Joseph Frederick
Marshall, William
Mackman, Gapp-Campbell
Mathers, Harold
Matthews, Albert Edward
Matthias, Joseph
  Meakin, John
Merrills, William
Merrin, Walter
Morley, George Harold
Morley, Mark
Moore, Jim
Newton, Victor
Norman, George
Norman, Wallacc
Parker, Ernest
Pearson, James Burrows
Perrin, Fred
Pick, Wallace
Pinkett, Fred
Pollard, James Redgate
Pratt, Harold
Purdy, Herbert
Quarton, Albert
Raynor, Horace William
Raynor, Thomas Oliver
Reed, Isaac
Reed, Percy
Rhodes, William
Richards, John
Richardson, John
Robinson, Harry
Robinson, John Henry
Robinson, William
Rockley, Albert
Rogers, Ellis
Rowland, William
Ryland, Charles
Ryland, Harold
Ryland Percy
Sanderson, Walter
Sands, Walter
Sayers, William
Shaw, Alfred
Shipman, Allen Vessey
Shipsides, Edward
Shipsides, Percy
Shooter, Arthur
Smith, Albert
Smith, Arthur
Smith, George
Speed, Walter
Spencer, Frederick George
Spencer, George
Spencer, Joseph
Spencer, Willie H.
Spowage, George Henry
Standage, Arthur
  Stapleton, Harry Calse
Stenson, William
Stevenson, Arthur
Stevenson, Herbert
Stevenson, Martin
Stevenson, William
Stirland, Ronald
Stockdale, Marshall
Storer, Charles Henry
Stout, Thomas
Summers, Albert
Syson, Henry
Tansley, George
Taylor, William Henry
Terry, Albert
Thomas, James
Tolson, Harry
Towle Albert
Towle, Walter
Turner, Thomas Cyril
Unsworith, Wilfred
Wainwright, Frank
Wallis, James William
Walker, Frederick William
Walker, Harry Cullis Steele
Walker, William Eaton Guy
Walters, Arthur
Walters, Dick
Walters, George
Walters, James
Ward, Avenel H.
Ward, Cecil Frederick
Ward, John Samuel
Wardle, A.
Watson, Henry
Webster, Alford
Webster, Ambrose
Wells, Herbert Thomas
Welbourn, Harold
White, Edward Herbert
White, William
Widdowson, Alfred William
Williamson, Wallace
Willoughby, George
Wood, Edward
Woodward, Walter Raymond
Yates, Henry
Yates, John Edwin
Yerrill, Albert James
Morley, John Thomas
Morley, Edward Stanley
Morley, James Arthur

Memorial from St Augustine’s, New Basford

The memorial from
St Augustine’s
in its new location

The First World War memorial from St Augustine’s Church, Basford (demolished in 1989) has now been moved to St Leodegarius’. The memorial is situated on the left side of the south door together with the roll of honour for the parish/congregation of St Leodegarius’ and framed photographs of the members of St Augustine’s choir who served in the Great War (two casualties) which was transferred to St Leodegarius from private ownership in 2009.

Prior to the demolition of St Augustine's the war memorial was put into temporary storage and forgotten about for nearly 20 years. It was rediscovered in a garage in 2006 and arrangements were made for it to be restored and transferred to St Leodegarius. Lack of space in the church and damage to the memorial led to the removal of the two statues of St George and St Augustine and other decorative panels. The memorial was rededicated at St Leodegarius on 9 November 2008.

A brass plaque beneath the memorial reads:

This War Memorial to the men of New Basford
was erected in the Parish Church of Saint Augustine of Canterbury.
The parish, created in 1847, built its first (small) church in 1862
due to the efforts of the first Incumbent, a Curate of Saint Leodegarius, Basford.
The church, extended in 1877 and 1884, closed after a Final Sung Eucharist
on 27th June 1989.

Prior to demolition of the Church, the Memorial was removed in August 1989 and given to
the Trustees of the Nottingham City Technology College Trust
for intended re-erection in the new City Technology College in New Basford.

In November 2008 the Trustees returned the Memorial
to Saint Leodegarius, the mother church of its original home.