St Augustine

War Memorial

Boer War

Brass plaque on the east wall of the north aisle:

To the glory of God
This tablet is erected to commemorate the faithful and voluntary service
rendered to their Sovereign and Country by members of the
congregation of this Church in the South African War 1899-1902
Basil Gothorp      W.R Walton
Lance Corporals
Wilfrid Gidlow      Albert Lord
Wm.Hunt      Jno.Jackson      Perry H. Lacey
Geo. Phillips      Chas. Perry Vessey
Trooper William Southern

Also in affectionate memory of Private George William Richards who died at
Johannesburg May 4th 1901, Aged 21 years


Photograph of the War MemorialIn statuary marble and alabaster enriched with coloured marbles. The alabaster cornice is decorated with leaves and grapes, emblems of sacrifice. Royal Arms and those of St George. 11 ft x 5 ft 6 ins. Erected by R G Lomas & Son of Derby at a cost of £320, raised voluntarily. 174 men laid down their lives.

This memorial has now been relocated in St Leodegarius’ Church, Basford.

The Memorial reads as follows:



IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1919

MAJOR   J.E. Mantle   W. Cope   J.W. Parker
A. Spray, M.C.   C. Orme   J.E. Copestake   C.W. Pashler
CAPTAINS   L.D. Shrimpton   S. Copson   S. Payne, M.M.
J.G. Cooke   E. Summers   G. Crooks   A.H. Peach
F. Godfrey   BOMBARDIERS   A.T. Crosby   C. Perrons
R.G. Hopewell   H. Beecroft   G. Crossland   G.W. Porter
T.H. Leman   A. Brownlow   C. Curtis   G.L.W. Richards
G.H.R. Mellers   E. Hutchinson   H. Davis   E.H. Rose
LIEUTS.   A.R. Wallis   H.A. Dickinson   W. Rossell
L.C. Cresswell   LCE. CORPORALS   J. Dobson   N.M. Shardlow
E.H. Loam   W. Haslam   G. Dutton   H. Shepherd
W. Marshall   E. Hayes   I. Eatherington   J.H. Slack
2nd LIEUTS.   J.W. Oliver   P. Eite   C.T. Smith
A.L. Fraser   A.L. Smith   A.M. Elliott   A. Speed
J.B. Keating   H.F. Stevens, M.M.   F. Elliott   P.R. Spurr
C.H. Keeling   A. Stevenson   B. Fidler   A. Stafford
J.L. Knowles   W.S. Sudbury   A.J. Field   A.S. Standage
W.A. Langsdale, M.M.   H. Thompson   G.A. Fisher   L. Stevens
L.A. Mayfield   GUNNERS   G.H. Fletcher   A. Stevenson
L.F. Wells, M.C.   A.W.J. Hawkins   A. Fowkes   F. Stevenson
T.O. Whitlock   F. Hill   C. Gidlow   M. Stevenson
A.D. Widdowson   L. Loam   W.A. Gidlow   W. Stokes
J.E. Yates   PRIVATES   W.H. Gidlow   S.A. Straker
COY.SGT. MAJOR   G. Allen   A. Glover   T.H. Swift
J.G. Goodacre   G. Anderson   C. Grocock   J. Tomlinson
COY. Q.M.S.   P. Ball   L. Grocock   J. Trotter
F. Wilkinson   G. Bentley   T. Hallam   F. Wainwright
STAFF SGT.   E.H. Bingley   C. Harriman   H. Walker
H.S. Hayes   H.H. Birch   F. Hind   E. Wallace
SERGEANTS   E. Booth   A.H. Holmes   L.K. Wheat
C. Allen   W.M. Booth   W. Hoole   W.C. White
H. Alvey   F.D. Brewster   J.G. Hudson   A. Whitehead
W. Cokayne   J. Brooks   G. King   E.F. Whitlock
W. Gumsley   S. Brown   J. King   J.W. Whittle
J.L. Hall   P.R. Buckland   E. Leonardi   G.H. Williams
F. Hurworth   W.A. Burns   H.W. Linken   J.W. Williams
L. Jarvis, M.M.   F. Camm   H. Maltby   H.A. Willis
A.C. Levers   T.R. Clarke   H. Maltby   P. Willis
T.H. Maltby   W.S. Cleary   F. Mason   A. Windley
S.A. Offiler   A. Clifford   A. Mather   H. Windley
B.F. Pratt   E. Cockayne   F.R. Minns   L. Windybank
A. Toop   W. Cockayne   L. A. Murden   B. Woodward
H.C. Webster   E.C. Collingham   H. Newstead   A. Wright
J. Windley   P.C. Colton   V. Newton   H.J. Wright
CORPORALS   A.H. Comery   T. Offiler   SEAMEN
A.W. Allen   W. Comery   J.H. Parker   H.J. Chappell
G.H. Curran           W. Stevenson
A. Mantle           A. Wardle


Photograph of the church looking West, showing WWI plaque, and cross above itA cross above the First World War plaque was dedicated in 1960 to those who gave their lives in the Second World War but no names were recorded.

Cresswell Memorial

Wall tablet to left of the south door. The text reads:

In loving memory of Leonard Curtis Cresswell
only son of George Marshall and Louisa Cresswell,
who died of wounds received in action at the Balkan Front
October 13th 1916, aged 21 years.
Buried at Salonika.

Originally in Emmanuel Church, Woodborough Road, and moved here after its demolition in 1972.

Mayfield Memorial

Carved dark wood c. 6 ft. x 4 ft., with two carved female figures either side.

In memory of Leonard Augustus Mayfield,
chorister and sacristan of this church,
2nd Lieutenant First Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers,
loving husband of Winifrid,
and only son of Leonard and Kate Elizabeth Mayfield.
Killed at Havrincourt, while leading his men in action
and within 12 yards of his objective,
on the morning of September 27th 1918.
Born September 29th 1895.