St Augustine


The stained glass of the east window was designed by Alexander Gascoyne in 1911 (Pevsner). Its cost was borne by many generous donations, including those from the Sunday School pupils. There were five lights, each with an inscription at the base:

Given by the Congregation Oct. 14th 1911.

The gift of Ada Alice Shipstone.

Given by Elizabeth Furmidge.

In memory of Thomas A. Newball and his grandsons, John N. and Thomas F. Murden.

In memory of Thomas and Betsy Jane Mason, the gift of Benjamin Deaville.

From left to right there were representations of St Augustine, St Aidan, the Crucifixion, St Chad and St Hugh of Lincoln with the swan.

The west window commemorated the introduction of Christianity into England by St Augustine, showing his landing and reception in the Isle of Thanet in 597AD. It was the gift of James Henry Shipstone and Gertrude, his wife in 1936. Six lights designed by Gustave Hiller of Liverpool.

Three memorial windows in the Lady Chapel, with illustrations from ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’:

Mercy - female figure in green and yellow.

At top, ‘Heaviness may endure for a night’; at bottom, ‘But joy cometh in the morning’. Male figure in blue, white and green.

At top, ‘Mr. Greatheart’; at bottom, ‘Unto his gate into his fold up to his holy hill’. Figure of St George (?) with sword.

Windows given by Mr Wilson in memory of his daughter. Made by Pope & Parr, 1955.