Basford St Augustine

Features and Fittings

Fixed Fittings

Photograph of the font in 1957Font

Carved Bath stone. It had been moved to the west end of the nave in 1887 but stood in a baptistery area of the north aisle in 1977. The Rev W Jarvis commented that it had ‘no particular interest except for its use’. The font cover was made by Faithcraft and given by Mrs Stevenson.


The High Altar as it was in 1957Made by Messrs Jowett in stone, and dedicated in 1966, stood in the chancel.

Prior to that there was a large altar of Stanton-in-Peak stone.

Clergy and choir stalls

In oak, given by the Beardsley family in memory of Samuel Beardsley in 1923. The pews in the north aisle were painted by Alan Meller, one of the servers.


Wood, largely open but some finely carved fretwork, with two shields on the rood loft. Dedicated in 1911, the gift of Samuel Beardsley. 18' 9" high x 30' 4" wide

Moveable Fittings


In light oak, octagonal, with leaves and geometric designs. Dedicated in 1911, the gift of Samuel Beardsley.


Brass eagle. The inscription read:

John Ferguson McCallan. Fell asleep May 30th, 1883

Another in wood:

In memory of Clara Broadhurst, a beloved sister, 11th December 1967

Other Furniture

Two old oak choir benches with carved ends.

Two sanctuary desks in memory of Ronald Arthur Shipstone, Brewer and Rifleman, 1880-1944.

Oak litany desk, the gift of Rev Theodore B Hardy.


Pair of chalices 7' high, pair of patens 6' diam.


1 altar desk
2 altar crosses studded with jewels
4 candlesticks

Other items

Altar cross and candlesticks in memory of Elsie Atkin 29.11.1966.

Stainless steel cross and candlesticks by Brian Asquith of Youlgrave, 1966
Processional cross in memory of Jack Leslie Cooper, churchwarden, also by Brian Asquith.

2 warden’s staves in memory of Laurence Victor Poynton and William Arthur Bilson, churchwardens, also by Brian Asquith.

Flower stands: for Jack L Cooper, 13th Oct 1913 - 5th Jan 1972.

Painting: Italian, by Nicola Grassi, (Virgin and child?), given by Mrs Percy in 1925.

Hatchments: two given by H R Bower in memory of his wife Beatrice Alice 1892-1958. Painted by Alan Meller, one showing the Dove of Peace, the other Noah’s Ark.

Stations of the Cross: 14 framed and painted panels by Jean Jarvis in c1980, dedicated to deceased parishioners.