Basford St Augustine


Archival Sources

Nottinghamshire County Archives Office

PR 24,297    Scheme for The District of New Basford laid before Your Majesty in Council, 1847.
PR 24,298   Map of the boundaries of The District of New Basford, 1847.
PR 24,299   Bond between Rev. T.A. Bolton and the Bishop of Lincoln for £500, June 1860.
PR 24,300   Abstract of Title of Mrs Caroline Bolton to land at New Basford, 21 Dec. 1869.
PR 24,301   Letter from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, 11th Dec. 1870, re conveyance of land for church in New Basford to the Diocese of Lincoln.
PR 24,302   Article on the church extension in The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Churchman, July 1872.
PR 24,303   The Incorporated Society for Promoting the Enlargement etc. of Churches donates £300, 20th July 1875.
PR 24,304   The Ecclesiastical Commissioners approve the new church of St Augustine, 15th Mar. 1877.
PR 24,305/1   Letter from Eccles. Comms., 6th Feb. 1897, agreeing to extend the boundaries of New Basford District or New Parish.
PR 24,306/2   Letter from Eccles. Comms., 1st June 1897, confirming legal status of parish.
PR 24,317/2   Miss Harriet Pare left £1000 to the Vicar in her will, Oct. 1902. £700 went to the Eccles. Comms. to fund annual payments of £42 for the incumbent.
PR 24,320   Statement of annual amounts payable to the incumbent by the Eccles. Comms., 1939.
PR 24,326   Conveyance of new vicarage of New Basford, 14 Claremont Road Sherwood Rise, March 1963.
PR 24,328   Balance sheet, 1876 onwards, for payments to contractors and architects.
PR 24,343   Faculty, 16th Feb. 1877, for new nave.
PR 24,344   Faculty, 11th Dec.1883, for new north aisle.
PR 24,345   Faculty, 1st Feb. 1908, for choir vestry.
PR 24,361/1   Terrier 1887.
PR 24,362/1   Terrier 1908.
PR 24,363   Terrier 1937, revised 1958 and 1981.
PR 24,365/1   Letter from Ewan Christian, 1st Dec. 1870, declaring Rev. Bolton’s church to be unfit.
PR 24,365/2   Letter from Eccles. Comms., 2nd Dec. 1870, to Rev. McCallan re above letter, so the Incumbent will not be able to solemnize marriages.
PR 24,366.1   Payment for work done on nave by S & W Pattinson, builders, 1877.
PR 24,367/1   Letter from Evans & JoIley, 6th Feb. 1874, advising cost of nave etc., and against building an apsidal sanctuary.
PR 24,371/2       Conveyance for sale of land at corner of Maud St. and Sandon St. for Mission Room.
PR 24,373   Text and line drawings of New Basford Church and Schools, c. 1870.
PR 24,382/1-8   Eccles. Dilapidations Measures.
PR 24,383   Photographs of the church interior c.1950s.
PR 24,392   Vestry and Chancel Extension Committee Minutes, 1870-95.
PR 24,393   Vestry Minutes etc., 1895-1909.
PR 24,397   PCC Minutes 1907-28.
PR 24,404   Letters re the transfer of Patronage to the Crown in 1960.
PR 24,405   Rev. Dewick objects to inmates of the (temporary) workhouse being included in his parish in the Census for 1901.
PR 24,666   Church interior c.1900.
PR 24,667   Sketch plan and section of proposed additions to church, 1914.
PR 23,672   Monuments and memorials etc. of St Augustine’s transcribed and photographed by S.D. Husbands, 1988.

Church of England Record Centre, Bermondsey

File 15135, Part l 1850-71; Part 2 1871-1937; Part 3 plea for parsonage in 1853.

Lincolnshire County Archives

Petition for license 251/110.    Details about the room in New Basford used by Methodists and C of E, 1833-48.
1877/16   Faculty Papers. Letters from Rev. McCallan to the Bishop of Lincoln requesting a Faculty for the new nave, 18th Oct. 1876, 2nd Feb. 1877, 15th Oct. 1877.
1877/16   Faculty Papers. Architects’ plans (2) of new church by Evans & JolIey.
FB 7/1042   Faculty for new nave, 16th Feb. 1877.
FB 9/128   Faculty for new north aisle, 1883.
Consec 280/4   Conveyance of Burial Ground to Basford by Wm. Ewart Gladstone et al, 26th Nov. 1874, with map.

Nottinghamshire Local Studies Library

Photographs etc.:
Acc. no. 81452   Additions to St Augustine’s, proposed in 1914. Sketch and plan. Photographer John Birdsall, copyright Nottinghamshire County Council.
Exteriors and interiors (18) by John Birdsall, copyright Nottinghamshire County Council.
Acc. no. 80630   Interior view of screen and altar, n. d. (A. Moore).
Acc. no. 41498   Exterior, 1975. (R. Baker).
Newspaper cuttings:

Nottinghamshire Guardian, 14 July 1859. Foundation stone laid.

Nottingham Evening Post, 13 April 1895. Chancel of St Augustine’s consecrated.

Nottingham Guardian, 21 May 1936. New west window.

Nottingham Guardian, 12 Jan. 1937. Collapse of font.

Nottingham Guardian Journal, 21 Oct. 1955. Foundation stone lost.

Published Sources

Directories: White’s 1844, 1853, 1864. Kelly’s 1876. Morris’ 1877.

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