St Augustine

Monuments and Memorials

Harriet Pare Memorial

Brass on wood plaque, to right of south door.

To the Glory of God and in memory of Harriet Pare who died January 26th 1904. She was for many years a worshipper and worker in this Church and Parish, and bequeathed £1000 to the Vicar and Churchwardens to be used at their discretion. As a result the income of the living was substantially increased

James Marsh Memorial

Wood plaque to right of War Memorial.

In memory of James Marsh, faithful and devoted Verger of this Church 1889-1917 who died January 30th 1924. Aged 69 years.

John Ferguson MacCallan Memorial

Brass tablet on north wall of chancel (and the eagle lectern) were placed by friends of John Ferguson MacCallan MA, for 15 years Vicar of this Parish.

Died May 30th 1883, in his 50th year.

Small brass plaque

to right of door into covered way.

The panelling on the west wall of this baptistery was given by members of this church in grateful memory of James Henry Shipstone 1874-1956 churchwarden, Christian gentleman and generous benefactor.

Small brass plaque

The north wall panelling of this baptistery was given by members of the church in thankful remembrance of The Rev.Thomas Wayland Peck M.A. devoted vicar of this parish 1916-1934.

Small brass plaque

on north wall of baptistery

The font cover was given by Ethel Stevenson and her daughter Marjorie in loving memory of Henry Ernest Stevenson (church officer) 1888-1957, and his daughter Jessie Mary 1915-1950.