Bramcote St Michael


Bells Old bellframe

The original three bells for the old St Michael’s were cast about 1650.

They were hung in a low sided wooden frame in 1861. All three new bells were the work of Taylors Bell Foundry, Loughborough and were cast in 1861 and 1862 using metal from the old bells. The frame was built by a Mr Clifton of Leicester.

They originally weighed approximately 2, 3, and 4 hundredweights. With the new church they were re-cast into a heavier ring of 3, 4, and 5 hundredweights, and re-hung at the expense of John Sherwin Gregory. Ball-bearings were fitted to the wooden headstocks in 1950. Further repairs were carried out in 1985.

A canon was removed from the original second bell. It has two faces on it, and may date to c.1350. It is thought that these faces were part of the canon from the single bell that may originally have hung in the old church tower, where the three bells were hung c.1650.

In 1999 all three bells were removed and sent to Taylors for renewal, and then three additional bells were added so there is now a peel of six inside the tower, on a galvanised steel frame slightly slower than the original bell chamber. The old frame was left in situ above. The bells are rung from inside the church.

Tubular bells – installed in 1963 originally for one year, inside the church. Still used occasionally.