Bramcote St Michael


Organ pipes The detached console

The pipe organ consists of two manuals and pedals and was built originally for the Methodist Church in Melbourne, Derbyshire, where it was installed in 1855 by Alfred Noble of Birmingham. Renovations were carried out in 1931 by Adkins of Derby at a cost of £500.

The organ was moved to St. Michaels in 1971 and rebuilt by Cantrill Bros of Castle Donington at a cost of £1,000. It was located on a new raised platform at the west end of the nave with a detached console at the south east corner of the nave.

The organ replaced a smaller instrument located at ground level at the west end of the nave, which was considered lacking in power to lead the worship of the substantially increased congregations of the time.

An extensive rebuild was completed in 1995 by Cousans Organs who constructed a new drawstop console, a substantially new action and added two new stops, being a 3 rank Mixture on the Great organ and a new Trumpet stop on the Swell organ to replace the existing, inaccurately named, Clarion stop.

In 2013 the organ was cleaned and regulated by Cousans Organs and, as part of a wider church reordering project, the console moved to its present position at the north east corner of the nave.

The current specification of the organ is as follows:

GREAT: (CC to c 60 notes) Open Diapason 8ft Claribel Flute 8ft Dulciana 8ft Principal 4ft Stopped Flute 4ft Twelfth 2 2/3 ft Fifteenth 2 ft Mixture 3 ranks (19,22,26) Chimes (30 notes)

Gt. Octave Sw. to Gt. Sw. Octave to Gt. Sw. Sub Octave to Gt.

SWELL: (Enclosed) (CC to c 60 notes) Violin Diapason 8ft Lieblich Gedackt 8ft Viola Da Gamba 8ft Principal 4ft Fifteenth 2ft Trumpet 8ft Tremulant

Sw. Octave Sw. Sub Octave

PEDAL (CC to f 30 notes) Bourdon 16ft Bass Flute 8ft (extn from Bourdon) Principal 8ft (from Gt. Open Diapason) Fifteenth 4ft (from Gt. Open Diapason)

Gt. to Ped. Sw. to Ped. Sw. Oct. to Ped. ACTION: Electro pneumatic PISTONS: 6 adjustable thumb and toe pistons to Gt. & Ped. 6 adjustable thumb pistons to Sw. 6 general adjustable thumb pistons Gt. to Ped. Sw. to Ped. Sw. to Gt. reversible thumb and toe pistons General cancel thumb piston Multi channel setter to all adjustable pistons

Information from David Hanford, Organist and Choirmaster, March 2017.