Bulcote Holy Trinity


The organ is set into an arch on the north side of the chancel. It is a small instrument having a single manual with five stops. The casing, cover and the seat are a mixture of different woods, mainly pine for the casing and mahogany around the keyboard.

The maker’s name, Lloyd and Dudgeon Organ Builders Nottingham, is partially covered by a mirror. This is the original organ installed in 1862 and still in regular use. A plate over the keyboard gives the name of the company that have maintained the instrument for many years, Messrs Eistrup and Hind of Lincoln. The same company overhauled the organ in 1987 at a cost of £900.


Four rows of pipes
1 manual
56 notes
20 note pedal board
Transfer action

The organ stops are:

Diapason Bass
Diapason Treble
Open Diapason