Bulcote Holy Trinity

List of Incumbents

Holy Trinity being a chapel of St Helen’s Church Burton Joyce never had a separate priest. The list below is therefore the names of incumbents recorded for both churches.

In 1995 the adjoining parish of St Luke’s Stoke Bardolph was also added to the Burton Joyce ministry


1204 John de Alexander This is about the date of the first Bulcote church but we cannot be sure that the incumbent of Burton Joyce also held Bulcote
1244 John de Ludham  
1285 John de Creacombe  
1308 Robert de Bluntsdon  
1327 William de Birdstall  
  John de Emeldon  
1342 John Blide By 1349 the avowdson of the church was held by the Abbott and Convent of Welbeck Abbey So the priests would have been Premonstratensian Monks
1345 John le Graunt  
1347 William de Upton  


1349 William de Tythby At some time the avowdson was transferred to Shelford Priory, Augustinian Canons
1384 Hugh de Marton  
1402 Geoffrey de Oxton  
1411 John Fosse  
1416 William Burgh  
  Thomas Webster  
1433 William Seteryngton  
  Thomas Cawnton  
1458 Richard Bakkister  
1469 Laurance Crowther  
1471 Robert Papilwyk  
  Richard Carrington  
1491 William Walker  
1504 John Mawer Around 1536 the Stanhope family acquired both churches
1550 James Bullawe  
1557 John Narbury  
1574 Thomas Mylles  
  James Lapnam  
1581 John Parker  
1626 Edward Peirs  
1627 John Gifford  
1663 Richard Broade  
1694 Joseph Hawkins  
1699 Thomas Tye  
1714 Thomas Adderly  
1719 John Saunders  
1746 John Clarke  
1753 Thomas Marshall  
1770 William Kirkby  
1782 Thomas Bigsby  
1822 John Rolleston  
1863 Henry Jenoure  
1878 Allan Neugens  
1884 Reginald Thompson  
1905 Charles Witterington  
1928 Fenton Bury  
1936 Robert Lax-West  
1949 Edward Hadden  
1950 Archibald Williams  
1959 Ieuan Williams  
1972 David Johnson  
1983 Alfred Graham  
1998 John Fisher