Burton Joyce St Helen


1East Window of four lights
Subject - Crucifixion, SS Mary, John, Helena and Paulinus
By C E Kempe 1888

2Window of two lights
Subject - SS Mary and Martha
By C E Kempe 1884

3Window of two lights
Subject - SS Elizabeth of Hungary and Edith of Wilton
By C E Kempe 1888

4Window of three lights
Subject - SS Stephen, Paul and Ives
By Herbert Bryans - in the style of Kempe for whom Bryans once worked approx 1905
In memory of Reginald Ward Thompson, former vicar

5Window of four lights with roundels above - tracery probably dating from 13th century
Subject - the Ascension
By Joseph Nuttgens 1984
In memory of Margaret Anne Guyler, wife of Doctor

6Small circular window above the Chancel Arch
Subject - Dove holding olive branch, with rainbow behind
By Vernon Royle, 1984
In memory of Harry Massey, Lay Reader for almost 50 years

The remaining windows have plain glass in small panes.

Details of Kempe windows supplied by Kempe Society, Bryan window by his great niece Felicity Lampitt, modern windows by Dr Christopher Brooke.