Elkesley St Giles


Archival Sources

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections

AN/PB 292/4/16

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 4/5/1596

AN/PB 292/7/24

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 27/4/1598

AN/PB 352/3/4

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 6/5/1606

AN/PB 294/2/246

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 4/5/1609

AN/PB 296/1/22

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 26/4/1610

AN/PB 295/8/5

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 12/11/1618

AN/PB 339/1/98

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 4/12/1620

AN/PB 341/1/18

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 5/5/1635

AN/PB 341/6/18

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 4/4/1638

AN/PB 341/8/20

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 22/4/1639

AN/PB 344/369

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 18/4/1684

AN/PB 347/829/2

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 9/6/1718

AN/PB 347/777/2

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 14/10/1718

AN/PB 347/829/3

Churchwardens’ presentment, Elkesley, 14/4/1719

Ne 5 S 5-5/3

Copy of a report on the Churches on the estate of the [5th] Duke of Newcastle [under Lyne] by [Sir George] Gilbert Scott [with enclosures]; n.d. [post Jul. 1853]

Ne 6 E 4/65/1

Letter from George Gilbert Scott, London to Henry P.F. Pelham-Clinton; Jul. 1813

Ne 6 E 4/65/2

George Gilbert Scott's report of churches on the Nottinghamshire estates; n.d. [1813]

Ne A 407

Bundle of vouchers concerning Elkesley, Nottinghamshire; 1810

Ne C 7526/1-2

Abstract of contract providing details and cost of work done at Elkesley church, Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1827-1850]

Pl E12/12/1/5/1-23

Bundle of correspondence etc. concerning the liability for chancel repairs at Elk[e]sley, Nottinghamshire; 1779, 9 Dec. 1862-19 Oct. 1863 and 1879

Pl L4/41/1-23

Bundle of miscellaneous legal correspondence; 6 Jan. 1868-17 Sept. 1869

Local Studies Library

Torre Manuscript

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