Forest Town
St Alban


St Alban’s Church has two churchyards. The original churchyard, which surrounds the church on three sides, was consecrated by the Bishop of Southwell on Sunday, 2nd July 1911. It was closed for burials in 1987. The extension churchyard is to the rear and north-east side of the church, behind the Forest Town Primary School. This was opened in 1929 and was still in use in 2009.

Early picture of
the churchyard
The south side of
the churchyard

The Original Churchyard.

The church and churchyard are situated on the corner of Old Mill Lane and Clipstone Road West. Originally a hedge and fence separated the churchyard from these two roads. Over the years this was changed to just wooden fencing, then a wall with iron fencing. In 1961, the Golden Jubilee of the church, this was replaced with a stone wall and wrought iron gates.

There are three entrances into the churchyard all off of Clipstone Road West, two have wrought iron gates and a tarmac path, leading to the church doors, and paths round the churchyard. A third entrance situated between the churchyard and Forest Town Primary School did have wrought iron gates, these are believed to have been removed in the 1990s. A redbrick wall with high metal fence divides the churchyard from the school. This gravel path which leads directly to the extension graveyard was widened at the end of 2006 or early 2007 to allow for car parking and access to disabled car parking at the back of the church.

The Vicarage and garden are on the north side of the churchyard and are separated by a fence and hedge with a small wooden gate leading into the churchyard and church.

War graves

Gravestones in the Original Churchyard

This churchyard still contains a reasonable number of gravestones of varying colours, materials and styles. Sadly over the past few years some have been vandalised and now the once upright crosses etc lie on the ground. A privet hedge leading into the south door of the church often hides one memorial, a sundial. Of special interest are 29 First World War Commonwealth War Graves soldiers' graves, men from Clipstone Camp and hospital. The Clipstone Camp was a military training camp that was built just over two miles from Forest Town. The War Grave of a civilian nurse lies just inside the main gate near to the cenotaph. Also in that area is the cenotaph, a tall granite war memorial.

To the west of the church is a garden of remembrance for the burial of ashes that was consecrated in 1993. York stone is used for memorials in this garden. A commemorative wooden seat is also situated in this area.

The extension

The Extension Churchyard

Trees and hedges separate houses from this churchyard on the north and west sides, while to the south and east are the Forest Town Primary School buildings and sports field. The churchyard is divided into three sections by natural grass paths. The gravestones are of varying colour materials and styles. There is a solitary Second World War Commonwealth War Grave, also two non standard war graves. At the north end of this churchyard is a conservation area.

This churchyard is still in use in 2011.

Burial Registers

The first burial register dates from July 1911 and ends June 1991. This is deposited in Nottinghamshire Archives Office.

The second burial register dates from June/July 1991 and is still in use.