Forest Town
St Alban


St Alban’s has two stained glass windows.

The St Alban window Details of the

St Alban Window

A small stained glass window on the south wall was installed to celebrate 21 years of the consecration of the church. The Bishop of Southwell dedicated the window on Sunday 3rd July 1932. The window was designed and made by Kempe & Co London. It shows St Alban holding a sword, a Bible and the Palm of Victory, above his head is the Latin superscription:

S’tus Albanus proto martyr Anglia

(St Alban, first martyr of England)

At the base of the window is the inscription

In thankfulness to God for
the 21st Anniversary of the
Consecration of this Church,
this window is dedicated on
the Feast of Visitation
of the Blessed Virgin.
A.D. 1932

East Window

The second window to be installed with stained glass was the large east window, over the altar. It was installed in 1995 and was dedicated by the Rt Rev Patrick Harris, Bishop of Southwell on 25th June 1995. The window was designed and made by Michael Stokes.

It is a window made up of five lancets. The design shows Christ his arms outstretched - The Giver and the Receiver. In the left- and right-most lights are Alpha and Omega (the Beginning and the End). Behind the figure of Christ is the Tree of Life and at his feet the River of Life.