Holme Pierrepont St Edmund

List of Incumbents

The list of names of vicars and rectors is created from a diverse number of sources and is incomplete. Readers are advised to treat this only as guide:

Incumbent (Holme)


Patronage, Advowson and notes




Peter de Leek


John de Rye

Robert Blundus [Bland]

24 August 1268

John de Rye

James de Pocklington

6 February 1275

John de Rye

John Lutterell (or Luterel)


Robert de Rasen

Robert Annesley


Robert de Pierrepont

William Broun de Thimelby


Sir Edmund Pierrepont

John Russell


Sir Edmund Pierrepont

Thomas Tewar



Mr. William Thurbache


Edmund Pierrepont

Nicholas Daubeney

1400 to 1401


William Peek

1401 to 1404

Edmund Pierrepont

Henry Helmesdale


Edmund Pierrepont

William Pollard

1406 to 1408

Edmund Pierrepont

Nicholas Hambury

1408 to 1428

Edmund Pierrepont

William Fox



John Sendale

1444 to 1445


Thomas Crosseby

1445 to 1450


William Lyne

1450 to 1462

Sir Henry Pierrepont

John Lane

1462 to 1497

Henry Pierrepont

John Counte


Sir Henry Pierrepont

John Caunt


Henry Pierrepont, died 1527

William Pierrepont


Henry Pierrepont



Possibly resigned 1553

Roger Smyth


Henry Pierrepont

John Spede (Speede)

1578 to 1626

Henry Pierrepont

Mr Reuben Eastroppe


Henry Pierrepont

Henry Cooke

1629 to 1633

Earl of Kingston, Baron Pierrepont

Thomas Leeke Clerke


Earl of Kingston

John Rinstat (or Rustat)

1663 to 1679

Baron Pierrepont

Humphrey Perkins

1680 to 1717

Baron Pierrepont

Samuel Berdmore (Bendmore)

1719 to 1743

Baron Pierrepont, sometime vicar of St Mary Nottingham

Samuel Greatorex

1722 to 1728

Baron Pierrepont

Robert Arnald

1728 to 1740

Baron Pierrepont, may have been curate

Scrope Berdmore (Bendmore)

1740 to 1773

Baron Pierrepont, sometime vicar of St Mary,  Nottingham, Note 4

Pierrepont Cromp

1773 to 1797

Baron Pierrepont

Thomas Donnithorne

1797 to 1814

Baron Pierrepont

Nathan Haines - curate

1761 to 1797

Baron Pierrepont

Owen Dinsdale -?curate?

1763 to 1819

Earl Manvers, uncertain

Canon James Jarvis Cleaver

1814 to 1864

Earl Manvers, Changed his name to James Jarvis Peach

Henry Seymour

1864 to 1905

Earl Manvers

Egbert Hacking

1905 to 1912

Earl Manvers

William Thomas Saward 1913 to 1936 Earl Manvers
Alexander Drake Allen 1938 to 1949 Earl Manvers

Bishop Weller

1949 to 1958

Earl Manvers

Canon Tinsley

1958 to 1967

Patronage suspended

Stephen Challoner

1967 to 1972

Patronage suspended

Canon Gerald Pearce

1972 to 1983

Patronage suspended

Kenneth Newcombe

1983 to 1998

Patronage suspended

David Bennett

1983 to 1999

Patronage suspended, Priest in charge

Neil Weston

1999 to 2006

Patronage suspended

Robert Breckles

2006 to 2012

Patronage suspended

Mark Rodel

2012 to present

Patronage suspended

On the 7th May 1596 the churchwardens claimed that the Reverend Speede “was not a preacher but a public speaker in the church”. This is a common complaint about this time when the congregation though they were not receiving a good sermon. Then again on the 1st August 1603 there is an entry in which John Speede declares “I am not authorised to preach, I am a Bachelor of Arts and my benefice is valued at £15 6 8d in the King’s books”. He went on to observe that he had 138 communicants or which only 4 were refusing the sacrament. They were complaining again in 1612 but on the 6th May 1622 they said that the parsonage was in decay owing to the neglect of the parson. John Speede had then been parson for some 44 years and was probably of advancing years.

Churchwardens present the following: John Feildinge and John Hallom, churchwardens for the year 1626, for not delivering the keys of the chest in the church, wherein the book of Canons and Constitutions and other books and ornaments and the register book ought to be kept, to their successors; Mr Rewlen Eastroppe our minister for omitting to read a great part of divine service and common prayers on Sundays and holy days, omitting to bid fasting days and holy days, omitting to wear the surplice on Sundays and holy days, and many times omitting to wear the surplice in the time of his ministration of the holy communion and baptism; his parsonage house and other houses belonging to it are in decay and want repairs; the said Mr Eystrop for keeping our register book from us, whereby we cannot have it to set our hands to it as we ought to do and to make a certificate of all weddings, christenings and burials.

4th May 1663. Churchwardens present the following: we have [been given] time to deliver a terrier of glebe lands and other profits belonging to the rectory, and a note of our register, [until] 19 June; Mr Rustead our minister is orthodox.

There is a strange entry for 16th September 1745 in which the advowson of Holme Pierrepont church is transferred from Baron Pierrepont to Thomas Cromp and Abraham Tilghman upon trust.