Laxton St Michael


Built in 1870 by E Wadsworth of Manchester in conjunction with R J Winn of Plumtree.

The British Institute of Organ Studies recorded the following of the St Michael’s organ in 1997, following a survey undertaken in 1991:


North Chancel side, pipe rack
S front of 11-11 diapasons with aluminium finish and gilt tips.
Rather battered. Two ends open: screens removed?


flat and straight
Black unders

  Key action Stop Action Compass low Compass high Notes Enclosed
Pedal Tr Me C e' 29 No
Great Tr Me C g''' 56 No
Swell Tr Me C g''' 56 Yes
Stops and Couplers
Department   Stop Name   Pitch
Pedal   Sub Bass   16
Great   Open diapason   8
    LieblichGedact   8
    Dulciana   8
    Principal   4
    Lieblich Flute   4
    Twelfth   2⅔
    Fifteenth   2
Swell   Lieblich Bourdon   16
    Flute de Mour   8
    Spitz Flute   8
    Gemshorn   4
    Piccolo   2
    Oboe   8

Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

Blowing: electric and hand

Lever Swell pedal

2 composition pedals