St Mary


The history of the former organ is well summed up in this extract from The Southwell Diocesan Magazine Aug 1892 p130:

For the past thirty years Lowdham Church has been without an organ at all worthy of the building, or the choir, and the late vicar, the Rev J H Browne, started a movement a year or two ago for the thorough renovation of the instrument. The work was continued by the present vicar, the Rev C G C Bosanquet,, and on July 21st the reopening service was held, a large number of clergy and residents in the district attending. The renovations will cost about £110, and by means of subscriptions and a sale of work last year, that sum has been more than realised, and the offerings will thus enable one or two other works in connection with the church to be carried out. The organ has been altered by Messrs C Lloyd & Co. of Nottingham.

In 1937 the organ was renovated and an electric blower, the gift of Mr W W Llewellin the first Governor of Lowdham Grange Borstal, was fitted by Messrs William Hill and Norman and Beard at a cost of £110.

The organ was totally rebuilt in 1963 by the Lincoln firm of Cousan’s. The organ had received some attention by an amateur who had installed a very large blower and it was replaced in 1998.

The stops are:

  Pedal:   Bourdon 16
  Great: Open Diapason 8, Dulciana 8, Clarabella 8, Principal 4, Fifteenth 2
  Swell: Open Diapason 8, Stopped Diapason 8, Viola da Gamba 8, Principal 4, Mixture II 12.15, Trumpet 8

The organ is now due for a full overhaul to restore it to first class order. There has been damage caused by falling grit and mice have eaten the felt pads. The lead tubing also requires some attention. All these repairs will have to be carried out in the near future.