Moorhouse Chapel


The bell in
its turret
The bell, while
it was being
stored in the

There is a single plain, straight-sided bell without inscription, with circular section canons, dating from the second quarter of the 13th century, probably to c1240 (pers. comm. George Dawson and Chris Brooke). This date accords with the proposed foundation of the chapel. It is the second oldest recorded bell in the county. It weighs 2½cwt and has a diameter of 19.3".

It is currently hung on the north side of a small arched bellcote centred above the chancel arch. The bellcote also has space for another bell on the south side. It was rehung for swing chiming on a wooden headstock by Fred Pembleton in 1987, after lying in the vestry for many years because it had become unsafe to ring at the end of World War II.